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Christopher Burn

Christopher Burn

Specialist Therapist

Chris joined Castle Craig in 1988 as Financial Director and retrained as a therapist in 1994. He ran the Problem Gambling programme. He left Castle Craig in 2016, but is still a regular contributor to the blog. He has recently published Poetry Changes Lives - a page-a-day book of history, poetry and inspiration.

Articles by this contributor

How to Handle Early Recovery and Stay Sober

June 6, 2017 in Addiction Advice

You are leaving rehab and feeling anxious. What will life outside be like without alcohol and drugs? It will not be easy, but do not be discouraged, if you are prepared to put in some effort, you will soon see results. Read more

Healing Words: The Therapeutic Value of Creative Writing

March 2, 2017 in Addiction Advice

The new Creative Writing workshops at Castle Craig have a lot of benefits for recovering patients. Using creative input during alcohol and drug rehab treatment helps restore balance and build up self-identity. Read more

It’s a Miracle Christmas – Don’t Fight It!

December 23, 2016 in Addiction Advice

I have been homeless at this time of year. I’ve also known addiction, the dole, depression and a terrible spiritual emptiness. Yet today I’m clean and sober and happy. How did this change happen? Read more

‘Radioman’ - Documentary Film Review

November 24, 2016 in News & Views

Mediaeval kings had their court jesters with whom they traded familiarity in return for a dose of reality. Twenty-first century movie stars have Radioman. Read more

Review of BP Spotlight: Art and Alcohol at Tate Britain

November 7, 2016 in News & Views

New exhibition at Tate chronicles Britain's relationship with alcohol through a series of paintings. Read more

Review of Pour Me: A Life - by AA Gill

October 7, 2016 in News & Views

Therapist Chris Burn shares his review of the book  Pour Me: A Life - by AA Gill. The book describes the author's descent into alcoholism up until he went into rehab treatment. Read more

Don't Fear the Group

September 15, 2016 in Addiction Advice

Many people contemplate entering treatment for addiction in a state of high anxiety. They want it all to consist of personal attention, specifically one-to-one therapy. No need for a group they say. Read more

The Smarmore Castle Episode

August 1, 2016 in News & Views

Castle Craig's therapist Christopher Burn pays a visit to Smarmore Castle and reflects on his Irish past and shares his experiences during his stay at our sister treatment centre in Ardee.  Read more

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