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An alcohol & drug rehab clinic

Extended Care & Halfway House

Extended Care Unit & Halfway House

At Castle Craig we provide on-site extended care facilities and halfway house living.  The treatment programme in this unit is extremely valuable for patients with a long history of addiction or with complex needs e.g. those who have other addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, mood disorders or depression.

It has been shown that the longer a person stays in treatment, the better the outcome for abstinence.

Separate from the first stage of care, halfway house care helps patients to strengthen the gains made in the intensive stage of care, develop and practise life skills and consolidate relapse prevention skills.  Patients feel the benefits of abstinence while receiving ongoing medical care, therapy and living in a safe environment.

Extended Care is Separate from the Main Rehab Unit

Our extended care and halfway house unit is located within the estate at Castle Craig Gardens, a three minute walk from the main building.  We have several cottages/houses with single or twin rooms, (many of which are en-suite) and also a communal dining room, several kitchenettes and sitting rooms with televisions, Sky TV and internet access.  There is also a well-equipped gym on-site.

Improving Outcomes with Extended Care

It has been shown that the longer a person stays in treatment, the better the outcome for abstinence as well as overall improvements.  Our Consultant Psychiatrist makes a recommendation for extended care to the patient based on their progress in their personal treatment plan.  Clients will usually go through six weeks of first-stage treatment before entering the extended care halfway house.

"My stay at the extended care unit at Castle Craig was an amazing time. Time to reflect, learn, share and practise recovery lifestyle."


Our Approach

We fully brief patients on the treatment and therapy programme before they move into this stage of treatment. Patients receive ongoing follow-ups from our Consultant Psychiatrist as necessary, and therapy is managed by experienced senior therapists.  Staff meet regularly to discuss each patient and their individualised treatment plans with the medical and therapeutic team.