Residential Experience for Students and 3 Month Internship

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Residential Experience for Professionals (REP)

Duration – Between 1 week and 1 month.

Objectives – To gain an introduction and understanding of the treatment programme at Castle Craig through a period of close observation and interaction.

Candidate profile – Typically healthcare students and healthcare professionals who are seeking to gain more insight into addiction treatment and residential rehabilitation.

REP details – REP candidates will be within the team in our intensive treatment unit. Each candidate will shadow a therapist and patient, following as many core functions as feasible. The professional will attend patient lectures and the group as outlined in the timetable. They will be given the opportunity to participate in drumming, art, and HBOT. They will also be able to attend the Open Day and attend the open Peebles AA/Al-Anon meeting. Lectures from specialists within the hospital will be given to the attendees. Reflection on the experience will be integral to the programme. Continuing education units are available depending on the length of stay.

Cost – The cost of the REP programme is arranged on an individual basis and costs tend to include accommodation and meals. A limited number of bursaries are available for students – apply for details.

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Residential 3 Month Internship / Student Placements

Duration – from 3 months +

Objectives – to gain in-depth knowledge and insight into the operations of the treatment programme at Castle Craig Hospital.

Candidate profile –The profile of an intern will likely be a student of an established counselling/psychology/ social work school in their 2nd or more advanced year of study. More advanced candidates may have had prior counselling experience or experience with 12 Step treatment.

Internship details – As part of a typical induction the intern will undertake a “patient experience” for 1 week – joining the treatment programme as part of the patient population. Interns will attend a professional open day, will take time to shadow a senior member of staff, and will attend a family programme. Aside from their regular work – interns may be asked to undertake research or project work, blog, and undertake basic secretarial assistance within the clinical governance office. As the internship progresses the candidates will be able to undertake more therapeutic functions within the therapy team under supervision from an experienced member of the therapy staff.

Cost – The cost of an internship is arranged on an individual basis and costs tend to include accommodation and meals. A limited number of bursaries are available for students – apply for details.

Whilst processing an application for an internship, placement, or REP, we will require information about:

  • A candidate’s CV and covering letter explaining the motivation for the internship.
  • The candidates level of English and other language skills.
  • Intended arrival and departure dates.
  • Their availability during the proposed term of placement.
  • Their prior experience of counselling / medical work.
  • Other possibly relevant skills / professional experiences.
  • Their criminal record history (UK – CRB check, Germany – Fuhrungszeugnis, etc.) to determine their suitability to work with vulnerable adults.
  • Any accommodation/transport needs.
  • 2 x references, usually one from a university and one from a professional medical / counseling source.
  • Financial security – we require an assurance that students – in particular, those travelling from abroad – are able to look after themselves financially during their placement.
3 Month Internship

The forms which are required to be filled in by the human resources department include:

  • Application for voluntary employment/student placement.
  • Patient confidentiality form.
  • Fire evacuation procedures.
  • Dress code policy.

To apply for any of these programmes, please fill in this application form.


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