Acknowledging a Loved One’s Addiction

There are two kinds of families who love someone who has become addicted to drugs and alcohol. The first kind of family knows of their loved one’s addiction and they do everything they can to help. Despite the rampant drug abuse and struggles with mental health, this family remembers who their loved one truly is. They want to focus on the parts of their loved one who made them laugh, think, care, and enjoy time together as a family. This family won’t give into the lies and deception presented by addiction and fight to uncover the truth of who their loved one is underneath.

Other families are not as lucky to pierce the veil presented by addiction. Instead, they are completely fooled by the smoke and mirrors addiction puts on to hide the pain and struggle of their loved one. Underneath the lying, stealing, cheating, manipulating, self-centered behavior there is their loved one who is lost in the sea of changing brain chemical processes. Addiction is often described with terms like “hijacking” to highlight the way that the chemical substances a loved one is abusing are changing the brain. These families cannot see through. They use damaging, shaming, hurtful labels to categorize their loved one as broken. Somehow, the worst of what’s possible in life happened to their loved one. They believe that their loved one is lost forever to some narrative of life that happens in nightmares. It isn’t true.

Everyday in treatment programs around the world, those who have fallen into even the worst of addiction are finding the hope and light of recovery. Rehabilitating treatment programmes are restoring the lives of those who have become addicted. With their families in family therapy and family programmes, they are healing together and finding a new way of living.

No matter what you think about your loved one’s addiction, it is critical that you continue to think about your loved one. Your loved one is not their addiction. You loved one can, however, heal from their addiction. Families have to start by acknowledging their loved one’s addiction and recognizing the need for help.


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