Castle Craig Rehab in Sweden

Castle Craig has a new rehab location that opened this year in Stockholm, Sweden.

The purpose of this new office is to provide assessments and continuing care, as well as family therapy, to patients who are travelling to Scotland for treatment.

Anna Sjöström

The office is operated 3 days a week at the addPractice, located in central Stockholm. addPractice and Castle Craig also intend to collaborate on new treatment initiatives in Sweden as well as conferencing and training events for Swedish addiction professionals.  

Castle Craig’s representative in Sweden is Anna Sjöström. Anna has worked in the addiction field since 1995. She is a Recovery Coach and author of a book “Promille-drick smartare” (Drink smarter) for high-risk alcohol consumers.

Her client range is everything from young adults, adults and family members. Before coming to work for Castle Craig Hospital, Anna worked for 15 years as the manager of the Swedish office for the American prevention program PRIME For Life. She also has extensive experience of working with drug prevention in the workplace.

Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 01721 728118 if you wish to discuss the possibility of coming into rehab.

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