Our Therapists Talk to Dutch Psychology Students

In April, I was on a study trip to Edinburgh with 50 psychology students from the University of Tilburg (Netherlands).

We went sightseeing in the beautiful city and walked around like true tourists, with camera’s glued to our hands ready to take pictures of about everything. But the main reason we went on a study trip was that we wanted to enrich our knowledge with new experiences in psychology from another culture. Therefore I was very pleased to hear that Castle Craig was willing to give us a talk about their methods.

The lecture itself was such an interesting experience! We, as psychology students, have learned a lot of theory about addiction and addiction care from our books. But that is nothing compared to listening to someone who is experienced in addiction treatment. It was especially interesting to hear about the methods of Castle Craig from the Senior Therapist Richard Scanlan and Dutch therapist Michelle Giesbert.

In my opinion the methods are very complete because of the fact that everything is being approached from different angles, combined with the twelve step program. Also, the staff I have met seemed totally dedicated to their work. I want to thank Castle Craig for the wonderful instructive experience, also on behalf of the other students!

By: Kirsty de Hoon

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