How are we performing? Recent patient satisfaction levels

We regularly run audits on patient satisfaction levels to make sure we are listening and responding to what our patients are saying. Recent surveys taken in July and September found the following:

Our patients describe our staff as ‘very kind’, ‘supportive’, ‘diligent’, ‘fantastic’, ‘absolute treasures’, ‘rays of sunshine’ and ‘efficient’.

Every category rated 100% Good, Very Good or Excellent, with particular praise for nursing care, individual therapist care and staff support.

Ratings increased to Very Good or Excellent for ‘Catering’ (88%), ‘Accommodation’ (89%), for ‘Fitness’ (89%).

New fields for ‘Use of ICT’ and ‘Hygiene, Health & Safety and Infection Control’ were very positively received.

Our patients asked for improved technology for virtual meetings and a smoother transfer process, and these are have been provided.

100% of our patients feel that they are treated with dignity and respect.

Infection Control

We have conducted four audits in the last two months, for Recovery Gardens (99.12% compliance), the Castle (96.5% compliance), Kirkurd (95.2% compliance) and for the Fitness and Massage Suites.

We have completed all the immediate action points for these to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff. 


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