Kethea Conference in Greece

Earlier this year I began tracking the various conferences that dealt with subjects relating to addiction and addiction treatment. So far about 50 have come across my desk. With one conference a week on average – spread throughout the whole year – there’s no longer such a thing as ‘conference season’.

Needless to say, we haven’t been able to attend all of the conferences, but we have certainly been to many – in fact, 18 so far, with another 5 lined up before the end of the year. 

Of those that we have attended, the furthest afield was in Thessaloniki, Greece. At this conference, Castle Craig’s Dr Florian Kaplick gave one of the key-note speeches entitled “the treatment and social integration of addiction survivors at Castle Craig Hospital.” Ingrid Christie, Castle Craig’s artist in residence, also spoke about “Emotional expression in painting for addiction survivors.”

This conference was organised by Kethea which is perhaps the largest addiction organisation in Europe. It dominates the addiction treatment field in Greece, where they have built up a network of outpatient units and therapeutic communities. It was an international conference – on the subject of the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups with representatives from Canada, America, the EU and worldwide. 

Castle Craig’s keynote speech at this conference came as the result of a chance meeting between the deputy director of Kethea – Fedon Kaloterakis and Dr Kaplick. Both are avid musicians, with a particular interest in psychotherapy.

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