Addiction Conference in Ireland

Addiction Conference in Ireland

The NEAR Conference, 10th – 12th November 2011, hosted by Toranfield House, near Dublin was attended by Dr Florian Kaplick and Victoria McCann (pictured in front of the Castle Craig stand), Peter McCann, Chairman, Dr Margaret McCann, Medical Director, Professor Philip James, HBOT Consultant, Dominic McCann and Paul Kirsten. Castle Craig was the major sponsor of the event.

The conference was attended by local and international doctors and addiction therapists and rehab treatment providers from all over the world.

Professor Philip James presented on the neuroscience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in addiction treatment in a well-received presentation. The conference was opened by Alistair Campbell, a former spokesman for Tony Blair, who spoke about his experiences of addiction. Other presentations covered the neuroscience of trauma, behavioural addictions such as gambling, gaming, sex and food addiction. As well as a host of other subjects relating to the neuroscience of addiction.

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