Nine Personality Types of Alcoholics in the UK

Alcoholics have their own motives for their need to drink. According to the Department of Health, there are different kinds of alcoholics. They believe it is important for the British government to have this information to reach out to people who consume at least twice the guidelines of 35 alcohol units a week for women and 50 units for men. Here are the nine different personality types of alcoholics.

De-stressed drinkers  are normally middle class men and women who use alcohol in order to regain control of their lives when it comes to switching between work and their personal lives. Alcohol is used to calm themselves down. Conformist drinkers are normally 45-59 year-old men in clerical or manual jobs who believe that drinking is something that all men do and want to belong. A club or a pub seems like a second home to them and feel a strong sense of belonging and acceptance there.

Boredom drinkers drink to pass the time and feel comforted and secure. You tend to see a lot of single mothers, recent divorcees, or single people who have no interests outside of alcohol. Drinking makes up the absence of people. Depressed drinkers can be any age, gender, or socioeconomic group. These can be recently bereaved, divorced, or in a financial crisis. They believe alcohol will give them the comfort, security and safety that they are craving.

Re-bonding drinkers are people with busy social calendars who use alcohol as a way to keep in touch with people who are close to them. Alcohol is used as a connection to unify and get on the same level as people. They tend to forget about the time or how much alcohol is consumed because they are too busy socializing to notice. Community drinkers are men and women in the lower or middle class who drink in large friendship groups to give their lives meaning and form a social network.

Hedonistic drinkers are divorced people with grownup children who want to stand out from the crowd to express freedom, independence, and youthfulness. Macho drinkers are men of all ages who spend most of their time in pubs. They normally feel under-valued, frustrated, and disempowered. They drink to prove their prowess and assert male masculinity and status. Border dependents think of the pub as their home away from home and visit during the days, evenings, weekdays, and weekends very often.

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