One Step to Start a Journey – J.M Doolan

It only takes one step to start a journey

 Of discovery,

It takes but one step on the road

To enlightenment and hope.


To take another step on the road

Of uncertainty,

Takes courage and determination

To move forward, to cope.


Yet, on taking this second step,

We see possibilities,

We awaken to new beginnings

New visions.


The realisation begins to dawn;

This is possible,

A message of hope that we can escape

The prisons (of our past).


Take another step on the road


Before our eyes and we realise

We have some aid


From a source thus far untapped,

Yet brimming

With strength and comfort

For the road ahead.


One more step onwards and

We feel the weight

Of our rucksack of the past

That slows our way.


We’ve looked at it before,

But only briefly,

And disregarded what we saw

For another day.


Take this off our back and

Look inside

At the wreckage of our past;

See it clearly.


Itemise it, describe it,

Write it all down

Then display the contents and prepare to

Share it freely.


And on the next step begin to

Unload the weight

That has dogged our journey;

Feel the peace descend.


Share the wreckage of the past

That so heavily weighed,

Feel the freedom to continue

Less the price we defend.


Take another step and we’re

Half way there,

And begin to prepare ourselves

To see, to realise.


Why we agreed to carry the weight

That slowed our trek,

Become ready to remove these defects

And open our eyes.


With another tentative step

We ask for these defects

 To be finally removed

To make our way clearer.


And ready ourselves to finally

Start the process,

To clear the wreckage of our past

And make our goal nearer.


On the eighth step we begin to see

All the people

We harmed prior to this journey

And, before it ends,


We make a list to prepare

Ourselves to repent,

To finally make good our promise

To make amends.


Taking step nine, we safely and securely

Make amends where possible,

When, to do so, was clearly to the benefit of others

 And not to us.


Although in doing so with humility

We continued our journey

Less burdened than when we started

Happy, free and joyous.


On the tenth step we looked back

From whence we came,

Became mindful of any potholes

We might be making.


We put these right as promptly as we could

Lest we trip up,

And continued on our journey forward

Content with steps we’re taking.


With another step along this road

We sought through meditation

To improve how we felt

About where we’re going.


Becoming conscious of the unseen

Companion we had along the way,

Of the support we’ve been given

 By others to help our growing.


Now, with step twelve, journey’s end?

No, a new beginning,

Where we invite others to join us

On the road to salvation.


And show our steps well learned

 Through experience,

The peace and tranquillity it brings;

Recovery and revelation.


J.M.Doolan, 4th July 1997

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