Substance Abuse and Crime

Certain drugs like heroin, cocaine, speed, marijuana and other drugs are illegal as well as drinking while driving. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc, 80% of people are incarcerated from drug and alcohol-related crimes such as domestic violence, drinking while driving, public-order offenses, and property offenses. 80% of offenders also abuse drugs and alcohol. Having a sober life is not a life sentence- incarceration is.

40% of violent crimes have had alcohol and drug abuse involved such as in murder, rape, assault, and child and spousal abuse. The National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime study says that 25% of prisoners in the United States have tested positive on alcohol dependency tests. Two thirds of victims have been attacked by a loved one who was drunk. 118,000 incidents have occurred from alcohol-related family violence.

There have been different types of crimes where drugs have been involved. Use-related crimes are when people get arrested for ingesting drugs as well as committing crimes because of the effect of the drug. Economic-related drugs are when one commits a crime in order to fund their drug habit such as getting involved in robberies and prostitution. System-related crimes deal with the production, manufacturing, transporting, and selling of drugs as well as violence-related drug dealing. One million people get arrested a year for drunk driving with DUIs being the third most common crime in the U.S. For those under 21, it is the number one cause of death, injury, and disability with 40% dying from their injuries.

Unfortunately, 95% of inmates return to drugs and alcohol after they serve their prison sentence and 60%-80% commit a new crime. The more crimes that are created by these substance abuses, the more our taxpayer money is going in to keep these criminals incarcerated. In order to prevent crimes, injury, and death from occurring from inmates that take abusive substances, they must go through treatment. Criminals need to know how harmful drugs and alcohol abuse is not just to themselves but to the people around them as well as why they feel the need to indulge in these substances. One study showed that treatment can save taxpayers $5.60 on medical costs, food stamp use, fewer arrests and incarceration. They need to seek treatment while they are serving their sentence so that they can be released as a brand new person.

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