The Ancient Practice of Drumming for Therapy

The Ancient Practice of Drumming for Therapy

Drum therapy is a therapeutic method that promotes self-expression and healing by either listening to the sounds of drumming or drumming yourself. This method has been used for thousands of years to help maintain physical, spiritual, and mental health. It has been proven that drumming has an effect of strengthen physical healing, feelings of well-being, boosts your immune system, and heals yourself.

As chronic pain can physically and emotionally drain you, drumming can distract you from the pain. Drumming can also produce endorphins as well as endogenous opiates to better control the pain. The sounds of drumming can also lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. This will be a big help in the long run as stress can cause heart disease, strokes, and immune system issues. Another way drumming can reduce stress is when hearing the rhythm can double the alpha brain wave activity which produce a feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

Drumming therapy can boost the immune system by increasing cancer-killing cells to help the body fight cancer as well as other diseases like AIDS. The rhythm of the drumming has a way of getting access to the brain by connecting all parts including the parts that do not work such as when you have ADD or after you have a stroke. When you drum with a circle of people, you can find a connection with other people. You will no longer feel isolated or alienated. When people who are addicts have a whole mess of problems to sort through and they feel different from everyone, drumming together can place everyone in harmony.

Accessing a Higher Power is another benefit you can get from drumming as your mind, body and spirit will be connected. Listening to the rhythms can heal you spiritually by connecting with the powers of the universe as well as enhancing responsibility and feeling powerful. When you drum, the past and the future are no longer important since the act of drumming will allow you to focus on where you are now. The rhythm of the beat can make you aware of your surroundings. Instead of those who are addicted to use drugs to deal with their emotions, their emotions can be channeled into their drums. The sound of the vibrations can also release negative memories and producing an emotional release. Drum therapy is an important tool to use on the road to self-recovery.


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