Helen Eadie Labour MSP visits our rehab centre

Helen Eadie MSP

On Monday 3rd October 2011, the MSP Helen Eadie, of the Scottish Labour Party, visited Castle Craig.  Her visit came in response to an email that Peter McCann had sent out to all MSPs referring to the effects of the drug methadone on the brain: especially cognitive impairment.

Mrs Eadie turned out to have a strong interest in matters of public health and she was able to quickly grasp the problem that residential addiction facilities were experiencing and that these essential services were being chronically underused.

As part of the particular focus for this visit, Peter McCann explained the now widely accepted and fully evidenced understanding of addiction as a brain disease and that there has to be sustained recovery of the brain structure for the reversal of cognitive impairment.

This is impossible for many addicted persons, especially if referred to less intensive treatment in the community where optimum conditions for rebuilding a healthy brain are difficult to provide.

Helen Eadie was shown around the treatment campus which included the new Hyperbaric Oxygen Department, an innovative treatment for detoxification and organ rejuvenation including the brain.

It is also of considerable benefit to patients, providing healthy sleep patterns so essential for brain health.

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