Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking for Good with Castle Craig

Our evidence-based program helps you overcome nicotine addiction and achieve lasting success.

Quitting Smoking at Castle Craig

Are you addicted to cigarettes? Smoking cessation therapy is a non-compulsory specialised therapy offered to patients who are already at Castle Craig and receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs. We want our patients to leave Castle Craig at the peak of their health and to continue that way thereafter.

The motivational and CBT therapy runs as an open-ended group for 6 weeks although patients may remain in the group for as long as they choose. The programme follows the 12 steps principles which allow smokers to address their addiction and to find ways of developing strategies to give up smoking and to stay stopped. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is available to assist people as they quit.

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Nicotine Anonymous

Are you smoking too much? Do you crave nicotine on a daily basis?  A “Nicotine Anonymous” support group meets weekly and allows those who have completed the six weeks programme to have support and talk about any problems they are experiencing.

Studies on How Smoking Relates

There is no evidence to support smoking cessation paired with substance abuse treatment to be beneficial. Here are some key points from recent research regarding cigarette smoking by substance abusers:

  • Over 50% of deaths among patients in treatment for substance abuse were actually related to tobacco while only 33% were due to drugs or alcohol.
  • A longitudinal study of opiate addicts shows the death rate amongst those who smoked to be 4 times greater than the non-smokers in the group
  • Alcohol and drugs stimulate overlapping pathways in the brain to nicotine.

Dealing with your smoking addiction treatment increases your chances of recovery in addition to the health benefits of smoking cessation.

Smoking Cessation

As a trusted partner of Castle Craig, one of the UK’s leading residential addiction treatment centers, CATCH Recovery offers a seamless continuum of care for patients transitioning from residential treatment to outpatient care. This ensures that patients receive the best possible support and care throughout their recovery journey.

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