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An alcohol & drug rehab clinic
Castle Craig. Renewing lives since 1988.

Castle CraigHospital Renewing lives since 1988

Beautiful environment for addiction recovery

Beautiful environment Privacy, tranquility and inspiration

Treatment Intensive, personalised care plans

Treatment Intensive, personalised care plans

Medical Care, Expert, professional & discreet

Medical Care Expert, professional & discreet

Group therapy for addiction treatment

Group Therapy Part of our intensive rehab programme

Family Therapy. Helping families communicate and participate

Family Therapy Helping families communicate

Complimentary therapies. Building confidence, teamwork and trust.

Complementary Therapies Building confidence and trust

Exercise. Physical strength to overcome addiction

Exercise Physical strength to overcome addiction

Castle Craig: Addiction Treatment Centre

Castle Craig is a world-renowned residential rehab clinic that treats alcohol and drug addiction. Established in 1988 we are Scotland's oldest and one of Europe's leading inpatient addiction clinics. Our expert medical team of doctors, nurses and therapists is led by a team of Consultant Psychiatrists and a Medical Director.

A Leading UK Alcohol Rehab Clinic

We treat alcoholism and drug addiction as an illness and promote abstinence as essential for long-lasting recovery. Our aim is to help patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines medical treatment, 12 Step and other psychiatric therapies and complementary therapies.

Discover Castle Craig - a 20 minute documentary

Discover Castle Craig

Click above to see a six minute video about the alcohol and drug addiction treatment at Castle Craig. Meet our therapists, see our facilities and get a feel for one of the leading rehab units in the UK.


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24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0800 0322 880
From outside the UK please call: +44 1721 788 006 (normal charges apply)