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At Castle Craig, we offer a range of residential and outpatient programmes which have been refined over 30 years, ensuring every patient receives the attention and care they need. Our commitment is to provide a supportive and effective treatment journey, designed to meet individual needs with compassion and professionalism. You can read more about the different programmes we provide and our team of specialists will support you in deciding which option best supports your recovery.

Foundation Programme

Our Foundation Programme offers a secure start to recovery, lasting 5-6 weeks. This part of the programme focuses on substance detoxification and physical stabilisation under careful medical supervision. Patients will stay at Castle Craig and take part in specially selected therapeutic sessions designed to heal the psychological aspects of addiction and enhance mental and emotional wellness. The programme introduces the first five steps of recovery, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the foundational phase of addiction treatment and personal rebuilding.

Advanced Programme

Patients can choose to extend their residential treatment beyond six weeks by transferring from our Foundation to our Advanced Treatment Programme. This stage is crucial for those dealing with trauma, prolonged withdrawal from substances like benzodiazepines, dual diagnoses, or chronic pain. It reinforces the groundwork we set out during your initial 5-week Foundation Programme, and in addition, focuses heavily on therapy for complex issues, enhancing life and decision-making skills, and learning important relapse prevention techniques.

Programme Timetable

At Castle Craig, our programme timetable is personalised to meet the needs of every individual. Starting with a full assessment and detoxification as needed, we connect you with a dedicated focal therapist who will guide you throughout your time with us. Your treatment is further customised with targeted groups, workshops, and complementary therapies, all chosen to support your individual healing process. It’s a thoughtful blend of structure and personal attention, designed for your unique path towards health and well-being.

Success Rates

73.4% of patients who finished our evidence-based programmes were abstinent from drugs or alcohol at follow-up. We are very proud of the tremendous effort our team puts into helping every person with their recovery journey.

Programme Model

At Castle Craig, we understand addiction to be an illness that requires an abstinence-based approach. Our model provides you with the necessary tools for staying sober post-treatment.

Outpatient Programme 

We offer outpatient care through our London-based clinic CATCH Recovery. CATCH offers personalised outpatient services, including one-to-one therapy, group sessions, and family support, all with flexible scheduling. CATCH Recovery is also our continuing care provider, helping those seeking to overcome addiction even once they’ve finished treatment. 

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