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What Does Life At Castle Craig Look Like?

We understand that entering rehab can be daunting, our team is here to guide you.

Welcome to Castle Craig, where your journey to recovery begins. We understand that entering a residential rehab can be intimidating, but our compassionate team is here to guide you every step of the way. You may be wondering what it is like going to rehab, so learn more about life at Castle Craig, including everything from what to expect on arrival through to leaving Castle Craig. 

The Moment Your Journey Begins

Discover essential information on how we can help plan your arrival, important transportation details and what to expect on admission. On arrival at the castle, our supportive staff will be here to welcome you and take you through the initial stages as you prepare to begin your recovery journey. Click here to find out what happens when you arrive at Castle Craig.

Begin your journey to recovery now. Contact us today to plan your arrival, and let us guide you through a seamless admission process, ensuring your comfort and privacy throughout.


At Castle Craig, we offer a variety of comfortable accommodation options based on your preferences. From spacious private and shared rooms to executive bedrooms each with stunning views, our facilities provide the perfect space to support your path to wellness. Our selection of rooms comes equipped with modern furnishings, wardrobes, desks, and single and double beds. 

Experience comfort and tranquillity in our inviting accommodations. Click here to view and select the room that best suits your needs, where safety and serenity await you.

Staff will take the time to show you to your room, allocate you a ‘buddy’ from the other patients, and your focal therapist will greet you.

The Castle Craig Environment

Explore Castle Craig and familiarise yourself with the hospital. From therapy rooms to dining, we want you to feel comfortable during the early stages of your recovery journey.

Want to take a look inside Castle Craig? Take a look at our warm, welcoming environment that’s designed to make your journey to recovery as comfortable as possible.

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Find out more about Castle Craig’s world-class addiction treatment programme and our unrivalled facilities.

Therapies & Activities

With acres of land to explore, we combine both evidence-based and complementary therapies to ensure patients have the best treatment experience. From individual and group sessions to equine therapy and aromatherapy, we have a little bit of something for everyone. More on therapies for addiction.

Browse our diverse range of complementary therapies and activities.

Food & Nutrition

Eating well is good for a variety of reasons, but it’s especially important for those in the early stages of recovery. Nutrition plays a vital role during the drug or alcohol detox phase of treatment, and during your stay with us, you will be looked after by our team of experienced chefs and catering staff.

Programme Timetable

At Castle Craig, we take pride in a recovery programme meticulously crafted by our team of addiction treatment specialists. View our detailed programme timetable to gain an in-depth understanding of what you can anticipate during your stay with us. 

Leaving Castle Craig

Leaving Castle Craig is only the beginning of your recovery journey. You will have learnt many of the necessary tools to stay sober, but returning to day-to-day life comes with its own set of challenges. Learn more about what happens on the day you leave, and how we support you back at home.

Your recovery journey doesn’t end when you leave Castle Craig; it’s just beginning. Discover our ongoing support and continuing care services that accompany you as you step into a new, sober life. 

Leaving Rehab is Only The Beginning

Castle Craig offers continuing care to support patients post-treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Lynda’s Recovery Journey

Lynda shares her inspiring journey from the depths of addiction to a life in recovery with Castle Craig. Listen to her powerful story as she reflects on past struggles and how rehab transformed her life.

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