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A Preview of our Beautiful Living Areas

We believe that a rehab should be an attractive, restful environment.

A Unique Programme Setting

Located in Peeblesshire, Scotland. Castle Craig is an 18th-century country house set in 50 acres of private parkland near the village of Blyth Bridge, around 20 miles south of Edinburgh.

At Castle Craig, we believe that a rehab clinic should be a comfortable, restful environment with a homely feel and a thriving community of patients and staff, based upon a foundation of excellent medical and therapeutic care.

With spaces that offer the perfect blend of community interaction and personal contemplation, Castle Craig fosters an environment where each individual is acknowledged, understood, and nurtured. Here, the journey to sobriety is not undertaken alone but alongside others who have shared similar experiences and have the same goals for a life without drugs or alcohol.

Medical Centre

The medical centres at Castle Craig are designed to ensure your utmost safety and comfort. The professionally managed environment is where initial assessments and regular check-ups take place, ensuring that your physical well-being is monitored and catered to throughout your stay.

Therapeutic Rooms

Our therapeutic rooms are spaces of transformation. The soothing colours and comfortable furnishings create a calming atmosphere, conducive to reflection and healing. Here, patients take part in different therapies, facilitated by our expert therapists, making significant strides on their journey to recovery.

Therapy rooms are located all around Castle Craig, some are small rooms for one-to-one therapy and others are larger to facilitate groups.

Dining Area

Meal times are not just about nourishment but also about community and connection at Castle Craig. Our communal dining area located in Recovery Gardens, is spacious, welcoming, and bathed in natural light. Here, patients come together to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals prepared to support their physical recovery and overall wellness.

The Drawing & Quiet Room

This is the main relaxation hub and communal area of Castle Craig. The former billiard room from the era of the 4th Earl of Hyndford, with large Georgian windows that look out across the front lawn. It is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy building friendships in recovery.

Designed with comfort and warmth in mind, the communal rooms at Castle Craig encourage a sense of community among residents. This area is equipped with cosy seating, reading materials, and ambient lighting, ensuring a homely environment where patients can unwind and connect with others. These spaces have been created for our patients to relax and socialise in between, and after, therapy sessions. Relaxed time can be enjoyed in any of our communal areas as well as our beautiful outside spaces. 

Private Bedrooms

We understand the importance of privacy and personal space, which is why the bedrooms at Castle Craig have been thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind. Each room is tastefully decorated, featuring comfortable beds, ample storage, and a peaceful ambience to ensure restful sleep and personal reflection.

We want our accommodation to serve as a safe space where patients can reflect, rest, and rejuvenate during their treatment. Complete with cosy furnishings and equipped with modern amenities, these spaces are tailored to provide a sense of home, ensuring each patient’s stay is as comfortable as possible. 

Gym and Outdoor Fitness

At Castle Craig, we adopt a holistic approach to recovery – we treat the body as well as the mind. All patients are encouraged to enjoy woodland walks and take part in horticultural therapy in the Victorian walled garden. In summer, weather permitting some groups and individual one-to-one therapy sessions are held in the gardens where possible. Our onsite gym with fitness instructors is a space where patients can work out in groups and enjoy regaining a healthy lifestyle.

Your Home Away From Home

Every corner of Castle Craig is designed with our residents’ needs in mind. We are committed to creating a safe, serene, and supportive environment that complements our comprehensive treatment programmes.

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