Castle Craig Rated ‘Exceptional’ in Latest HIS Inspection

Castle Craig had an inspection from our regulators Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) recently and today we have received the official report. 

They found our infection prevention and control policies and procedures, were excellent and comprehensive. They commented on the thorough Covid-19 risk assessments which had been carried out and the effective processes we had in place to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.  

The inspectors commented on the positive attitude and evident teamwork of all the staff that they spoke to, and also the supportive and appreciate attitude of the patients.

HIS uses the ratings ‘Exceptional’, ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’, with Castle Craig receiving only the highest two gradings in this report.

  1. Our Delivery of care was rated Good  
  2. Leadership of improvement and change was rated Exceptional      

It is extremely difficult to achieve an Exceptional rating, and all staff who have contributed to this outcome should be very proud of this result. Dr McCann’s leadership throughout the inspection undoubtely had a factor in our exceptional grading.

We have no requirements or recommendations to meet going forward, which is very positive reflection of the hospital.

Dr McCann, CEO of Castle Craig said “This exceptional result wouldn’t have been possible without the drive and determination of our dedicated team of staff who worked tirelessly to ensure our Covid safety standards and communications are comprehensive.”

The report states that Castle Craig demonstrated:

“Clear and decisive leadership and assurance structures were in place, as well as a supportive approach for patients and staff. A coronavirus response management group had been set up to co-ordinate a hospital-wide response to the pandemic. The risks from COVID-19 had been thoroughly considered and clear actions were being taken to minimise the risk of transmission. The hospital’s quality management system was accredited to internationally recognised standards.”

About our covid-secure admissions procedure, the regulator stated:

“Patients received a comprehensive risk assessment for COVID-19 before being admitted for treatment. Patient care records were clear and included COVID-19 information in relation to pre-treatment assessment. Consent for sharing information with other relevant medical staff was clearly recorded.”

“This inspection resulted in no requirements and recommendations.”

Healthcare Improvement Scotland inspects, monitors and regulates healthcare services in Scotland to make sure they meet standards of quality and safety. They publish their findings, including performance ratings to assist people in choosing a healthcare provider and ensure quality standards are maintained. Inspections were formerlly run by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in Scotland, now the CQC only regulates hospitals in England and Wales.

You can read the full Castle Craig HIS Inspection Report here. 

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