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Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Alcoholism

While the term “alcoholism” has been widely used in the past, it is now considered outdated. The correct term is “alcohol use disorder” (AUD), which more accurately encompasses the complexities of this condition. This page will outline the various signs and symptoms of AUD to help you recognise these in yourself or your loved ones. […]

Alcohol Psychosis, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Alcohol-induced psychosis as a result of excessive drinking should always be treated seriously. It can manifest as alcoholic hallucinosis or other forms of delirium tremens and timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment is essential. Alcohol-related psychosis is considered a medical emergency as it causes symptoms of alcoholic paranoia that are alarming to the person affected and […]

What to Do in the Event of an Opioid Overdose

In the event of an opioid overdose, knowing how to respond quickly and effectively is crucial and can be life-saving. From recognising the signs of overdose to administering life-saving naloxone, it is important to be prepared and not let confusion or panic dictate your actions Understanding these procedures can significantly enhance the affected individual’s chances […]

Methamphetamine vs Amphetamine: What is the Difference?

Understanding the distinction between methamphetamine and amphetamine is crucial for anyone seeking clarity on these substances, which, while chemically related, have significantly different impacts on the individual’s health and well-being. Both fall under the category of stimulants, a group of drugs known for their ability to increase alertness, attention, and energy. However, their differences lie […]

Do I Need Detox?

If you are battling drug or alcohol addiction and considering treatment options at Castle Craig, you may be asking yourself an important question: “Do I need a detox?” Here we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of whether a medically supervised or assisted detoxification is necessary for your recovery. Detoxification, commonly known as […]

How to Set Realistic Goals During Recovery

Setting yourself aims and defining timelines makes your recovery journey more manageable, breaking it down into bitesize pieces. It allows you to see how much progress you have made and not to feel lost on the way.  This article will explore why setting realistic goals is so important for a successful recovery, provide practical tips […]

What Is California Sober and Is It Dangerous?

“California Sober” is when a person gives up on alcohol and hard drugs but continues to consume marijuana. Some individuals also permit the use of psychedelic drugs, such as ayahuasca, LSD or magic mushrooms.  This approach has gained popularity in recent years, becoming somewhat of a buzzword in recovery circles. Some people see it as […]

Symptoms of ADHD in Women

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects a person’s behaviour and impulses. It tends to be noticeable in the early years, and most children are diagnosed before they turn 12 years old. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in adults diagnosed with this condition. We do not know […]

How To Go To Rehab And Keep Your Job

When you start rehab, there are many practical concerns to contend with. Chief among them is the question of work. You might worry about what to tell your boss about needing time off, or how your recovery will impact your career. Maybe you also fear being judged by your colleagues if they find out about […]

Supporting Mothers in Addiction, Tips for Balancing Parenting and Treatment

Addiction is an illness that can affect any member of the family, and many of the women suffering from addiction are mothers. This often means that they find it extremely difficult to seek recovery for fear of being judged or having their children removed from their care.  Being a mother, balancing family life, and addiction […]

The Unique Challenges Women Face in Addiction Recovery

As a woman suffering from addiction, the impact of alcohol and drug use resonates differently compared to your male counterparts. Gender differences make your journey through addiction filled with unique challenges, from the fact that you’re more prone to addiction to the difficulties you encounter in recovery. For this and many other reasons, men and […]

Self-Care Strategies for Women in Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction requires immense strength and resilience, especially because as a woman, you face unique societal, biological and personal challenges. Understanding these hurdles is crucial as you work toward a healthy and sober lifestyle. In your recovery journey, self-care becomes your best tool — think of it as a guide offering support and empowerment. […]