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How to Use the Five Senses to Calm Anxiety

November 17, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Humans are multi-sensory creatures and take in a great deal of information through our five senses. Learn how to use the five senses to calm anxiety and heal trauma. Read more

How to Treat Someone Who is Grieving

November 16, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Grief is a powerful emotional process that everyone must go through at various stages of life, but learning how to treat someone who is grieving can help us better understand and aid in the healing process for patients and loved ones. Read more

Family Attachment Narrative Therapy

November 15, 2017 in Clinical Insights

The first years of a child's life determine a great deal about the character and disposition of the child in years to come, which is why family attachment narrative therapy is used in family counseling. Read more

What it’s Like to Live with ADHD

November 14, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Few people know what it's like to live with ADHD or other mental health conditions, but these factors play a large part in addiction and overall life happiness if left untreated. Read more

Songs to Help Suicidal Thoughts

November 13, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Thoughts of suicide and self harm often plague patients in recovery from addiction and it's exceptionally important that you combat these thoughts with good music, talking to others, and positive self care. Listen to these songs to help with suicidal thoughts. Read more

Valium Addiction

November 10, 2017 in Addiction Advice

With the rash of prescription medication addictions sweeping the western world, it's no surprise that Valium addiction is on the rise. Learn how to recognize and get help for this substance dependency. Read more

The Effects of Parental Addiction on Children

November 9, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Children are very sensitive to the behavior of their parents at young, impressionable stages of development and the effects of parental addiction on children can cause long term mental health issues and make them prone to addiction. Read more

Mental Health TED Talks to Listen to

November 8, 2017 in News & Views

TED Talks are excellent video speeches and keynote talks available to share on YouTube and other video streaming services. We've suggested some great mental health TED talks to listen to. Read more

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