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Castle Craig is located one hour from Glasgow, we offer expert alcohol and drug treatment.

Residential Rehab Treatment Clinic, Glasgow

Founded in 1988, Castle Craig is a privately run residential rehab clinic that provides treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

We are located close to Glasgow, Scotland, and have many ties to the rehab Glasgow medical community. It is possible to drive to Castle Craig from Glasgow International Airport in an hour and we regularly provide pick-ups for our patients who come from Glasgow.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective treatment for our patients from Glasgow and across Strathclyde and Scotland and the UK. We offer many different options for referral and admission for our patients from Glasgow.

Our Treatment Programme

Our addiction treatment model has been developed for over 35 years by a world-renowned team of doctors and therapists. We have connections with the private and NHS medical community all over the UK, Scotland and Glasgow. We provide a clinically proven, addiction treatment programme, which includes:

  • Rapid admissions process
  • Thorough medical and psychological assessments
  • Alcohol, drugs, and prescription drugs detoxification, managed by our expert medical team
  • Specialist addiction therapies including individual therapy, CBT, group therapy, trauma therapy, grief therapy
  • Family therapy programme
  • Complementary addiction therapies, including equine therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy,, and drumming therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment including eating disorders and depression
  • Fitness, 50 acres of private gardens
  • Pick-up from Glasgow
  • Continuing care programme.

The Team at Castle Craig

Our residential treatment programme was built by our founders, Peter McCann and Dr Margaret McCann. Our expert team of therapists, nurses and doctors are led by a highly experienced medical director and consultant psychiatrist, Dr Peter McCann.

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We Are Located One Hour From Glasgow

Castle Craig rehab clinic is based just one hour from Glasgow, in a stunning, rural location in the west of the Scottish Borders.

You will find both comfort and privacy in our beautiful Georgian Category B-listed building.

Castle Craig has retained many of its original features including magnificent fireplaces, marble pillars, carved panelling and furniture.

The main building and the other facilities and houses on the estate have been renovated to offer the most comfortable and productive treatment experience possible.

Admissions for Patients From Glasgow

Patients from Glasgow and the rest of Scotland can access our detox and addiction rehab treatment through the following routes.

We can arrange admission in under 24 hours as a private patient. We will usually need to receive a letter of referral from your GP before admission. 

Our treatment programme is covered by national and international healthcare insurers: BUPA, AXA, Vitality, GeoBlue, Allianz, Coventry Health Care among others.

Admissions through the NHS can take many weeks/months to be approved but if you call us our team can advise you. 

Our experienced and compassionate admissions team are waiting for your call or email. We can arrange a free assessment over the phone. Please contact us for more information on our admissions process.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Glasgow, Scotland

Overall, Scotland’s health is improving but alcohol-related mortality continues to be a problem in Scotland and deaths from chronic liver disease have increased in the last five years.

A recent report from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health states that since the 2000s alcohol-related death rates have decreased moderately across the UK; this decrease was also seen in Glasgow although not in the most recent years.

Residents of Glasgow struggle with alcohol and drug problems in comparison to other cities in Europe.

In Glasgow, the majority of people referred to drug services struggle with alcohol, cannabis, benzodiazepines and heroin abuse.

Although alcohol abuse among young people has fallen over the past years in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland, Glasgow is near the top of the European table for the use of many drugs including ecstasy, cocaine, and inhalants.

Rehab Glasgow

Drug deaths in Glasgow involving heroin, opiates and benzodiazepines have shot up in recent years according to a recent report by BBC Scotland and rates of deaths from cocaine, Gabapentin and Pregabalin are high.

These statistics paint a bleak picture but there is hope for everyone who wants to get better, live a drug-free life and leave their addiction behind them. We are here to help and can help.

We have seen thousands of people walk through the doors of Castle Craig, many of them from Glasgow, and leave to start a new drug-free life. As you will see from our testimonials, our programme works and recovery is possible with the right help.

Drug and Alcohol Services Near Glasgow

If you are looking for private alcohol or drug rehab not far from Glasgow then Castle Craig can help.

We are based one hour away which means that you can leave your chaotic life behind and fully immerse yourself in our treatment programme in the tranquillity of the Scottish Borders countryside.

You will be close enough to Glasgow for your family and friends to visit at the weekend. We also have many medical connections with Glasgow and will be able to help set up a solid and personalised 2-year continuing care programme for you once you leave treatment.

If you are from Glasgow and not looking for residential rehab then the Glasgow City Council lists detailed information on local support services available in Glasgow. The Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services offer open access to all. 

AA and NA Meetings in Glasgow

We recommend you begin your journey to abstinence by seeking self-help in the form of attending peer support groups in Glasgow. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous meetings are organised across Scotland, and Glasgow has a large number of groups.

These local Glasgow groups provide an invaluable network of support for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. They help people from Glasgow to achieve sobriety through a 12-step network.

From Glasgow and Need Help and Advice on Addiction Treatment? Contact Our Team

The team at Castle Craig is always available to answer questions about our rehab treatment programme, admissions, or funding. If you are from Glasgow and are thinking of entering rehab or if you are a family member, friend or employer of someone who is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction in Glasgow, contact us for advice on inpatient treatment for alcohol.

Testimonial from Tommy, from Glasgow

“I would love to share my story. My recovery date is 28th March 1990. Just over 30 years ago I came to Castle Craig, thought I was going for 6 weeks and was there nearly 11 months, I have not needed or wanted to drink but I had to keep doing the things I learned and that was, to be honest, open-minded and willing.”

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