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Welcome to Castle Craig Alcohol and Drug Addiction Clinic, Near Edinburgh, Midlothian

Castle Craig is a private residential rehab clinic near Edinburgh which provides treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. Established in 1988 we have forged close ties with the private and NHS medical community in and around Edinburgh and across Scotland.

Our Clinic Is Near Edinburgh

Driving to Castle Craig clinic from Edinburgh and the Lothians takes 30 minutes. We regularly pick up patients from central Edinburgh, Edinburgh Waverley, the Lothian area, and Edinburgh International Airport.

Thinking About Addiction Rehab Close to Edinburgh

Why attend a residential rehab clinic that is close to my home city?

We are close to Edinburgh so family & friends can visit if you wish, yet we are far enough into the beautiful serene countryside for you to immerse yourself in our addiction treatment programme without the distractions of home and work.

Our treatment programme provides everything on one site:

  • Detox from alcohol and drugs;
  • Psychotherapy by accredited and experienced therapists;
  • Complementary therapies;
  • Fitness sessions;
  • Meals and accommodation;
  • Two years of free continuing care in Edinburgh and Castle Craig.

We provide all of this on-location at Castle Craig Clinic. Our treatment approach is joined-up – our multidisciplinary team meets regularly to discuss patient cases so nothing is missed and so we can ensure you receive a personalised addiction treatment programme at our clinic.

After you leave we are happy to liaise with any local, Edinburgh-based GPs, addictions doctors, therapists, or case managers with your permission.

We also provide free transport to our rehab clinic from Edinburgh, Lothian, and central Scotland.

Our Team from Scotland
Our therapists and medical team come from all over Scotland – locally from the Borders and Edinburgh, as well as East Lothian, West Lothian, Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

Our therapists are accredited with either COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy Scotland) – Scotland’s professional body for counselling and psychotherapy or BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Our regulatory body is Healthcare Improvement Scotland and we received an ‘excellent’ grade in our last inspection.

Many of our staff have relocated to the Borders or Edinburgh from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad to work with us and help us deliver our much-needed addiction treatment to our patients.

Looking for Alcohol or Drug Addiction Treatment Near Edinburgh

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to get treatment for a substance abuse issue or addiction. It is enough to just recognise that there is a problem, in order to get help. This doesn’t seem like much of a step, but admitting to alcohol, drug or behavioural addiction is not easy.

Those who have seen a loved one suffer know that recognising a real problem and taking the path to recovery is harder than one thinks. Read on to find out more about your options for addiction treatment and rehab near Edinburgh.

Edinburgh and Alcohol

More residents in Edinburgh have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol than in other Scottish cities.

Statistics released by the Scottish Government in September 2019 show that Edinburgh has higher weekly alcohol consumption, drinking to levels high above the recommended limit.

33% of Edinburgh residents drink above 14 units of alcohol per week, the recommended limit, compared to 25% in other Scottish cities. See Scottish recovery centres for alcoholism.

Edinburgh and Drugs

In Edinburgh, the majority of people referred to drug and alcohol services struggle with alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs and cocaine abuse. Although alcohol abuse among young people has fallen over the past years in Edinburgh, Scotland is at the top of the European table for the use of ecstasy, cocaine,  and inhalants and has more drug deaths per capita than any other European nation.

At Castle Craig rehab clinic, we have seen a huge increase in the mids-prescribing of addictive medications in recent years.

Prescription drug addiction, particularly opioid painkillers are on the rise in Scotland.

Edinburgh Cocaine Rehab Clinic

Castle Craig rehab clinic has seen a huge increase in young people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction over the years. Professor Jonothan Chick, former Medical Director at Castle Craig clinic and based in Edinburgh himself, said recently to the media:

Castle Craig specialises in the treatment of cocaine addiction and our team of Psychiatrists, clinicians and expert therapists are ready to help you start a new life free of drugs.

“There are a lot of young people who don’t really believe how addictive cocaine can be. It has a very clever action in the brain. It can really hijack the pleasure circuits and then leave them stuck in low gear until the next dose.”

Addiction and Recovery

When the addiction becomes serious or life-threatening, an inpatient treatment programme may be necessary.

However, not all residential rehabs are alike. A lot of inpatients go through detox and think they are cured once and for all because their cravings are reduced. Unfortunately, detox is only the start of the treatment.

Therapy and support-building, which follows detox, teach the skills necessary to prevent future relapses.

How Rehab Can Help

Residential treatment clinics will happily admit people with addictions of varying types and severity. In most centres, every patient is treated as seriously as the next, even if two people go through a different recovery process. At certain rehabs, the treatment programme will vary from person to person, because each individual has different needs and their own private challenges.

Castle Craig Hospital, near Edinburgh, treats addiction at every step, from the moment a patient is admitted and long after they leave. The private residential rehab is located less than 25 miles south of Edinburgh in a relaxing countryside setting. Less than an hour-long drive from Edinburgh, the hospital is not too far from home, but far enough to provide a change of scenery and prepare for a transformation in mindset.

The benefit of being close to home is that family and friends can always visit during designated hours.

For example, some people may be issued a dual diagnosis, as they have an accompanying mental illness, while others might also have a secondary cross-addiction.

Castle Craig has a 51-acre estate near Edinburgh to provide an intensive and varied top addiction treatment programme. We are well-known for our many complementary therapies, such as:

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Edinburgh

Alcohol and drug abuse are common in major cities such as Edinburgh, but these figures are mirrored across the whole of Scotland, which has seen an increase in drug-related deaths over the past ten years and is known for its highest rate of binge drinkers in the UK. Multiple private and non-profit organisations in the city of Edinburgh provide support services and guides for those with addiction problems.

  • Drugs – According to ISD Scotland, an NHS-based service, drug use is more common in cities compared to rural areas, and Edinburgh has a drug use rate higher than the national average. Drug-related deaths in the city of Edinburgh have nearly doubled from 2007 to 2017, with the leading cause of death appearing to be accidental poisoning through overdose. Opiates, especially heroin, and benzodiazepines, seem to be the top drugs involved in drug-related mortality.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol causes similar problems in Edinburgh, according to another ISD report. The city has one of the highest rates of alcohol-related hospital admissions after Glasgow, with about 90% being emergency admissions. The city has the highest rates of alcohol-related mortality in the country. Young people in Edinburgh are more likely to binge drink compared to their peers in other Scottish cities.

Clearly, both drugs and alcohol are causing havoc in the city of Edinburgh. One may wonder why it is such a prominent problem if help is available. A lot of people don’t realise they have a problem until it is too late. Therefore, it is important to identify and treat problematic behaviour before it negatively impacts one’s life.

Edinburgh Map

Getting Help for Alcohol or Drug Abuse Near Edinburgh

A populated city like Edinburgh has no shortage of resources for people who want to quit alcohol, drugs, or another problematic addiction, especially given the alarming statistics. It is important to remember that there is no wrong way to ask for help, however, people may find that certain options work better than others.

Edinburgh has options for substance misuse services, some of which provide harm-reduction advice as well as assist people with abstinence-focused recovery.

There are also centres that have a separate branch for helping young adults, or those up to 21 years old, that specialise in friendly, non-judgmental help.

No two addiction treatment programmes are alike, which is why it is important to spend a significant amount of time researching the right one for a patient’s needs. A residential setting isn’t the only way to beat addiction.

However, quitting drugs, and even alcohol, without medical supervision, can be dangerous. Going “cold turkey” after a period of heavy substance abuse can have adverse health effects. Detoxification under medical supervision may be necessary for some people.

Often people who believe they have a substance abuse problem first try self-help techniques and attempt to tackle the problem on their own. While this can be done with the right discipline and determination, many people find addiction hard to overcome on their own. Severe addictions often require professional help or admittance to private residential rehab, like Castle Craig Hospital.

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Local Addiction Services and Rehab in Edinburgh

In case of emergency, the Edinburgh Crisis Centre is open 24/7 for anyone suffering from a mental health problem, including addiction. Counselling, as well as practical assistance, is available at the Edinburgh Crisis Centre by phone and in person.

Although there are a few choices for a residential rehab around Edinburgh, some patients find treatment centres too close to the city, and therefore too close to temptation. At the same time, many patients hesitate to venture too far from their homes. Battling addiction is already tough – why make it tougher by removing yourself from your home environment?

On the other hand, some people desire to escape their daily turmoil, finding it the only option for getting better.

Support Groups in Edinburgh

When looking for drug or alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, looking for free local substance misuse services can be a good starting point.

For example, the Edinburgh Alcohol & Drug Partnership, has plenty of information and advice for those who need help with their addiction. Their website also features a directory of locally based services that can assist those battling a drug or alcohol problem. Scottish Drug Services has an excellent and extensive directory as well.

As an alternative, paying a visit to a local peer-support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous in Edinburgh or Narcotics Anonymous, can be a good idea as well.

AA Meetings: Edinburgh

AA meetings in Edinburgh can be found on the Alcoholics Anonymous Edinburgh page. There are many AA meetings in Edinburgh every day of the week and at various times, including the following (please verify the timings with the AA website in advance):

Bristo Baptist Church
Wednesday at 20:00
Queensferry Road, EH4 3AP

Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Morningside Terrace)
Wednesday at 20:00 and Sunday at 17:30
EH10 5HF

The Wash House
Saturday at 21:00 and Sunday at 10:00
3 Adelphi Grove, EH15 1AP

NA Meetings: Edinburgh

NA meetings in Edinburgh are also plentiful, and can be found in the city centre as well as outside:

Salvation Army Hostel Dining Hall
Sunday at 13:00
1 The Pleasance, EH8 9UE

St. Cuthbert’s Church
Wednesday at 19:00
5 Lothian Road, EH1 2EP

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh

Why Choose Castle Craig

At Castle Craig, we have over 30 years of experience treating patients, and our team of medical professionals, including experienced therapists and clinical staff, are here to help you on your journey to recovery.

Here at Castle Craig, we believe in treating the person as a whole, which is why we have developed an effective treatment model using a mix of group, individual and specialist therapies such as anxiety and PTSD treatment, as well as offering complementary therapies and activities such as fitness, massage, art and equine therapy.

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