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In a specialised addiction clinic, alcohol rehab Bolton is the treatment of alcoholism. Attending alcohol rehab for a medical detox and psychological counselling is recommended for anyone who finds it difficult to stay sober and believes that their drinking is out of control.

Alcoholism is a chronic illness that, if untreated, can have a fatal outcome. Programs for addiction treatment are meant to provide you with the skills you need to live a sober life in addition to properly detoxifying and managing withdrawal symptoms.

The transition into treatment is something we want to make as easy and stress-free as we can at Castle Craig because we recognise how difficult taking that first step may be. Continue reading to learn more about what to anticipate from private rehab in Bolton and to learn about the various treatment choices that are offered nearby.

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How to Know if You or a Loved One Needs Rehab for Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is characterised by the inability to quit drinking despite the risks involved. It is a physical and emotional compulsion that the person largely lacks control over.

Continuous heavy drinking over an extended length of time leads to alcoholism. Alcohol and other drugs cause the body to develop a tolerance over time, eventually causing the brain to adjust to their presence. Alcohol withdrawal is a response from the central nervous system that occurs when drinking alcohol is abruptly discontinued. The brain attempts to adapt to its absence.

There are signs you should be aware of if you have concerns about your drinking patterns or believe that a loved one may have a drinking issue. The easiest signs of alcoholism to spot are those that are physical and behavioural, including increased perspiration, shivering, withdrawing, lying, etc.

If you are exhibiting signs of drug or alcohol abuse and withdrawal symptoms, you should get treatment as soon as possible to avoid the illness from developing.

How to Help Someone With Alcoholism

Private inpatient rehab is the best course of therapy for alcoholism; nevertheless, discussing addiction with someone you care about can be awkward because most individuals suffering from alcoholism will not accept they have a problem.

If you’re having difficulty reaching out to a loved one, consider organising an intervention. Whether you opt to sit down as a family or hire a professional interventionist, you may be able to persuade the person to agree to therapy.

If they aren’t interested in an inpatient or outpatient recovery, you might be able to persuade them to go to 12-step programmes like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

alcohol rehab Bolton

What Happens at Alcohol Rehab?

Due to their uncertainty about what happens in alcohol recovery, many people find the idea overwhelming. In order to make sure each patient at Castle Craig feels safe and at ease throughout their therapy, our staff works hard to customise rehab programmes for each patient.

Our team of addiction therapists has created a personalised and comprehensive addiction treatment programme. The 12 Steps guide our rehabilitation methodology, which has been proven to produce results. Our therapy programme is evidence-based and the result of over 40 years of addiction treatment experience. Our trained, licenced therapists provide therapies that include CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and trauma therapy to treat any underlying causes and contributing aspects to the addiction

An on-site detoxification unit under the supervision of a doctor and a 24-hour medical facility. Our medical team will use the proper medication during detox to safely lessen any physical symptoms you could encounter from alcohol withdrawal.

Comfortable accommodations are provided for all patients in a warm and relaxing setting. Every bedroom is private and has an en suite, ensuring comfort and solitude. Some of our patients also reside in cottages with their own medical facility in the Recovery Gardens, a tiny “village” on our estate. The facilities are open to all patients throughout the entire estate.

Leaving Castle Craig symbolises the start of a life-long recovery process. Every patient leaves Castle Craig with a personalised aftercare plan and membership in Castle Connect, our alumni network. Our alumni are invited back to our annual reunion to celebrate their recovery.

Therapy for Alcoholism near Bolton

Detox is an essential element of addiction recovery. However, before you can proceed, you must first remove alcohol from your body. Psychological treatment seeks to assist you in identifying the potential origins and contributors to your addiction, helping you to better understand and cope with these triggers in the future.

Some of the therapies we offer include:

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Alcohol Detox near Bolton

It’s crucial that you are in a secure, safe, and encouraging atmosphere throughout detox because it can be physically and mentally taxing. In order to be prepared to start the psychological component of addiction recovery, Castle Craig’s independent medical detox centre lets you concentrate on physical recovery.

You should expect detox to last 7-10 days, depending on numerous factors such as frequency and volume of alcohol usage.

Medications are typically prescribed during detox to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

  • Some of the most commonly prescribed include:
  • Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
  • Valium (Diazepam)
  • Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  • Lorazepam (Ativan)

Alcohol Detox at Home

Though we appreciate that inpatient rehab is not always an option for everyone, it is nonetheless vital to note that attempting to detox from alcohol at home is strongly discouraged. Some alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be highly dangerous, even fatal, if not treated properly.

Call Castle Craig at 0808 271 7500 now if you require an alcohol detox or if someone you know is exhibiting indications of alcoholism.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Residential rehab, often known as inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab are the two main treatment options when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab.

While outpatient treatment only requires that you be present while attending therapy, inpatient rehab requires that you remain at the facility until the conclusion of your treatment plan.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol TreatmentCons of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment
You will receive round-the-clock attention and assistance during your stay, which is one of the key advantages of selecting inpatient rehab. Alcohol withdrawal can be particularly draining, but if you’ve decided to detox in a private rehab, you’ll be given prescription medications to help reduce the symptoms, with a doctor on call 24/7 should you need any additional medical support.Unfortunately, the expense of inpatient care is what frequently discourages people from seeking out private rehab. Clinics do, however, provide a variety of financial options, including government support and payment plans.
Pros and Cons of Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol RehabCons of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab
Outpatient addiction therapy is less expensive than an inpatient stay. It is also more convenient for people who have childcare or employment commitments. Outpatient therapy also allows you to put your newly acquired recovery strategies to the test.One of the most serious concerns about outpatient addiction treatment is the possibility of being exposed to outside factors that could lead to a relapse. Outpatient treatment also does not include round-the-clock medical attention. Detox is not covered in outpatient care and must be completed separately before starting therapy.
Pros and Cons of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Why Come to Castle Craig?

Many people choose to travel further away for addiction treatment because it takes them away from familiar surroundings and daily triggers, allowing them to concentrate exclusively on their rehabilitation. Castle Craig is an excellent option for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Bolton. Its history of treating addicts is just one of the countless reasons why so many people choose to begin their recovery journey here. Thousands of individuals from all over the UK have come to Castle Craig for high-quality care, a wide range of services, expertly provided therapies, and dedicated family support.

Every person who walks through our doors has the opportunity to start over. At Castle Craig, we assist patients to construct fulfilled lives by providing them with the therapeutic skills they need to stay in recovery.

Castle Craig is a treatment centre located in the gorgeous Scottish Borders, within 50 acres of private woods. Our residents have the luxury of being free and detached from the stresses of the outer world.

Our consultant psychiatrists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have extensive training in addiction therapy and difficult dual diagnosis diagnoses. Our medical directors supervise and review patients’ medical and clinical treatment as well as prescribe medicines.

Free Alcohol Help Services Near Bolton 

There are several options available for free alcohol rehab in Bolton

Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Bolton

Greater Manchester has a 53% higher rate of hospital admissions for alcohol-related conditions than the rest of England. There were over 22,000 admissions of this type in the most recent year of data (2016/17), with an estimated cost of £43m.

Greater Manchester also has a rate of alcohol-related mortality episodes per 100,000 people that is 50% higher than the national rate. This equates to 1,189 deaths in the most recent three-year tracking period (2015-17).

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Learning from Accidental and Non-Accidental Fatal Fire Incidents Report (2007-2016) found that in 44% of accidental fire deaths, alcohol was a contributing factor.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

Depending on the kind of rehab and whether it is residential or outpatient, the price of drug and alcohol treatment can range from £2,000 to £5,000 per week. The price will also vary according to your location, length of stay, and treatment regimen.

How long does alcohol rehab take?

We recommend a minimum of five weeks for patients to fully detox and benefit from the many addiction therapies we offer.

Does alcohol rehab work?

Addiction therapy works if you put in the effort. It is up to you to continue the effort once you are discharged from residential rehab, even though the therapies provided there are designed to assist your sobriety long after you leave.

Is alcohol rehab covered by insurance?

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and other mental illnesses are treated by some insurance companies. Check with your provider to see if your policy covers private rehabilitation.

How to Get Someone Into Alcohol Rehab?

We understand that asking for help might be intimidating when you don’t know what to anticipate. That is why we are here to listen to you and assist you or a loved one in beginning the road to recovery. From your initial call to the time you walk through our doors, our team is here to help you through the inquiry and admissions process. Call us now on 0808 271 7500 to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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