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Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders

October 4, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Eating disorders are often diagnosed alongside certain adverse mental health conditions and other co-occurring disorders, which require cognitive behavioral therapy to help overcome the addiction to food. Read more

Mental Health Should be Worked on By Everyone

October 3, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Mental health is not something that belongs only to the therapy community or those with diagnosed mental health disorders.  Mental health and personal wellbeing should be a focus for everyone. Read more

Different Methods of Detoxification

October 2, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Detoxification is the first step to treating a substance abuse disorder. It's the process of removing all traces of the drug from the body. There are different methods of detoxification you can explore. Read more

Coping with Stress is Essential for Recovery

September 29, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Stress is a big factor in substance abuse and the recovery from addiction, as it serves as a trigger for relapse and poor mental health. Coping withs tress is essential for recovery and there are many ways to improve your ability to handle stress. Read more

10 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals in Recovery

September 28, 2017 in Addiction Advice

It's important for patients in addiction recovery to have attainable goals that they can pursue and achieve. It's great for confidence and builds momentum for ongoing success. Read more

The Possible Reasons Some People Become Alcoholics

September 28, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Many in recovery for alcoholism find it mystifying that some people become alcoholics and others do not. Many factors go into this determination and understanding your risks can help to avoid potentially fatal addictions. Read more

The Dangers of Mixing Meth with Alcohol

September 26, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Meth and Alcohol are both very dangerous drugs, especially in large quantities, but the dangers of mixing meth with alcohol outweigh their individual risks and create exponential trouble. Read more

The Path from Prescription Drugs to Addiction

September 25, 2017 in Addiction Advice

Opioid addiction is sweeping the western world in record numbers thanks to the easy availability of prescription painkillers. These painkiller addictions are gateways to street drugs like heroin, which is far more dangerous. Read more

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