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Training Courses in Addiction Therapy

Currently our year-long ICRC addiction training course is under review and new information on this will be posted as soon as the new course is finalised.

Reality Therapy Basics Week

Dates: Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd (midday) March 2012.

Course Tutor: John Brickell D.C

  • Option 1:  £395 - includes the course manual, lunch and refreshments. 
  • Option 2:  £525 - includes the manual, lunch, refreshments, accommodation for 3 nights at the Castle Craig Lodges with dinner and complementary continental breakfast.

Fill in the Booking Form to secure your place.

For more information please contact our Head of Training: Glynis Read Ph.D. Addictions Therapist. 
Glynis is an accredited therapist, an ICRC oral examiner, certified in Reality Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has teaching qualifications and has extensive experience in this field.

About John Brickell D.C

John is a senior faculty member of the ‘William Glasser Institute@ (international/parent organisation) and Director of Training for the ‘Institute for Reality Therapy UK’. He has taught Reality Therapy in North America, the Far East, the Middle East, in several European countries and throughout the UK.

As an independent counsellor, now practicing in Southampton, John has had several years experience in working as a drug and alcohol addictions counsellor and is the holder of both a higher diploma in counselling/psychotherapy and the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), with specialism in Reality Therapy. 

John is also qualified as a (McTimoney) chiropractor, which as well as providing some “backbone” to the other areas in which he works, also complements the mind-body-spirit approach he brings to Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, in both his teaching and as a practitioner.

Together with Dr. Robert Wubbolding, he is the co-author of the first UK published book on Reality Therapy: ‘Counselling With Reality Therapy’ (1999, Speechmark Publishing, Oxon) and ‘A Set of Directions for Putting and Keeping Yourself Together’, a self development book, published by Educational Media Corp., Minneapolis, MN, USA, in 2001.

Additionally John is the author of numerous articles on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, including several in the field of addictions treatment and recovery, spanning several years, such as:

  •  ‘How You Can Use Reality Therapy in Addictions Treatment’, in Addictions Counselling World, Vol. 8, No 42, 1996;
  • ‘Facing Reality: Choice Is The Key’, in Addictions Today, March/April 2000, vol. 11, No 63;
  • ‘Reality Therapy in Recovery’, from Directions in Addiction Treatment & Prevention, vol. 9, Lesson 1 – 5, 2005, published by Hatherleigh Co. Ltd., New York. 

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