There Is No Rehab Centre Near Me, What Should I Do?

Finding a rehab centre is easy, but finding a world-class treatment centre near you is harder. So what should you be looking for?

While there are many private residential rehabs in the UK, the number is still in the very low hundreds and they are mainly found in or around cities. Other inpatient NHS treatment centres are available, however, the number of these facilities is just as low and entry waiting lists are long.

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Although cities can be well serviced, outside of urban areas rehabs are thin on the ground.

So what should you do if you’re in need of treatment?

First, you need information and knowledge

Once you’ve found out which options are available to you, you must then decide which of the following best suits your circumstances: 

  • NHS or private?
  • Close or far?
  • City or countryside?
  • How far are you prepared to travel?
  • What can you afford?

See: Choosing the right rehab. Local, nationwide or abroad, where to go for rehab?

Not all rehabs are created equal

Not all rehabs are the same, so when choosing a clinic it’s important you seek the right advice. Be sure to understand what’s being offered to you, in order to find a rehab centre or therapeutic programme suitable for you, or your loved one. 

Cheaper options cost less for a reason. Many clinics don’t employ medical staff or offer detox, and therefore cannot be considered hospitals, but rather re-branded hotels or care homes. Do they work? This ultimately depends on the patient’s needs and the complexity of their problems.

Would you want to be treated in a hospital that doesn’t have a doctor? Addiction is a mental illness that is often accompanied by severe physical symptoms and requires medical intervention. It should be treated just like any other physical illness.

The best place to start is Google.

When searching on Google you’ll notice that a lot of the websites claiming to be rehab websites are actually lead generation sites. If in doubt just ask through live chat, “are you a hospital?” Remember: You are looking for medical advice, not a sales pitch.

Instead, you should search for free addiction assessments as these are only offered by legitimate clinics and hospitals.

Is this rehab right for me?

Treating addiction goes much deeper than a detox, and getting to the root of the problem is crucial in maintaining long-term sobriety. Therefore, it is recommended you opt for a drug and alcohol clinic that offers programmes designed to help you overcome any co-occurring issues like anxiety, trauma and depression. Therapy is a vital part of the recovery process, so be sure to ask how many hours of therapy patients receive per day.

“In times of crisis, it’s easy to jump at the first treatment centre that has space, however, decisions should not be rushed, so ask a friend or family member to help you research.”

Try and avoid rehabs that are brand new, your health is far too important to risk. Many people enter the wrong facilities and end up leaving disappointed, and more importantly not sober. These experiences can deter people from seeking help again in future. 

Rehab costs time and money 

Going into treatment is a decision that is both life-saving and life taxing, and should be seen as an investment in your health. You need to know that you have the very best facility for YOU.

Finding a rehab is not easy, there is unlikely to be a world-beating treatment centre next door to you.

25 Questions that you need to ask before choosing the right rehab.


  1. Do you treat my addiction? (drug, alcohol, gaming, eating, gambling etc.)
  2. Is the facility accredited with CQC or HIS as a private psychiatric hospital, not a care home or other?
  3. Is the rehabilitation centre in a safe, calm environment inducive to getting sober?
  4. Are there lots of other people with the same problems?
  5. Are you able to treat clients with a dual diagnosis, such as anxiety, depression etc?
  6. What are the amenities like? Is there a gym or a spa?
  7. What is the admissions process?
  8. What are the costs? What are my payment options?
  9. Is insurance accepted? Is there any help with funding?
  10. Will your detox be medically assisted, with medical staff on-site 24/7?
  11. Is the facility a 24/7 residential facility, or a part-time outpatient facility?
  12. Can family come and stay?
  13. Is there a choice of rooms and will I have to share?
  14. What will happen when my short-term treatment is completed; what long-term support is there?
  15. Is there a strong support community for former patients? Do former patients come together, for example in reunions?

Treatment Programme

  1. What is the length of this prospective programme?
  2. What type of treatment methods do your rehab programmes use?
  3. Will my treatment be tailored to me and my needs as an individual?
  4. Does this program teach life skills that support sober living beyond rehab?
  5. Will I build connections to maintain a sober network after rehab?
  6. How much therapy do patients receive?
    1. Do you offer, CBT, DBT, EMDR and other specialist therapies?
  7. Does the programme include family therapy?
    1. Is there interaction with family or providing family support?


  1. What items should be brought with you and what is provided?
  2. What makes your rehab centre different?
  3. What are your success rates?
  4. Tell me about aftercare

We know it is a lot but it could save your life

We know this is a difficult process, so let us help you make the right choice and avoid potentially devastating mistakes. Call us on 01721 722 763 for a confidential chat.

Castle Craig is in Edinburgh, 5 hours from London by rail.

“The average journey time by train between London and Edinburgh is 5 hours and 27 minutes, with around 47 trains per day.”

Get in touch today

To find out how we can help you, please telephone Castle Craig on 01721 728118 or click here to arrange a free addiction assessment or here for more information.

You’re almost there.

Struggling to find a local rehab centre

There are only a few facilities across the UK that can offer inpatient services, some of these are often positioned within cities, which can present further issues with temptation that can compromise the recovery journey.

We advise that if you can travel beyond your local area, you choose a rehab that is purposefully distanced from these temptations. For example, a clinic located in a secluded area, far from access to shops or off-licenses.

“Castle Craig has done exactly this. Positioned conveniently in the pretty conservation of West Linton, Castle Craig lies close to the beautiful Pentland Hills and boasts 50-acres of beautiful land to escape to.”

Our surroundings and the fact that our addiction programmes are managed by medical professionals and accredited psychiatrists, means we are a rehab worth travelling for. Sober taxis from airports can also be arranged to help you arrive at the Castle safely.

If you’re dependent on alcohol to function, we recommend you seek medical advice to manage your withdrawals.

The Benefits of Travelling

Removing yourself from the familiarity of your surroundings can be extremely beneficial to your recovery. While being away from your family, friends and home can seem daunting at first, it also allows you to focus solely on your treatment and removes you from triggers and stressors of everyday life. 

Reasons to choose a rehab away from home 

  • It gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start
  • You can begin your recovery without any distractions or hard feelings
  • It allows you away from judgement or stress
  • You put distance between yourself and your triggers
  • Discourages you from leaving a programme early
  • Separates you from disappointment, shame or pressure from social or professional impacts
  • Allows you to access better rehabs and treatments
  • Gives your loved ones the chance to gain some perspective and heal

We’re Here to Help

We are medical addiction experts. If you are struggling to find the best option for you, or you simply have no idea where to start, feel free to give us a call. If you decide that Castle Craig is not for you, then we can point you in the right direction and perhaps recommend another suitable facility.

We have rehabs nationwide in Ireland and Scotland – speak to our admissions team today for advice or apply for admissions online for a free drug and alcohol addiction assessment.

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