Choosing the right rehab. Local, nationwide or abroad, where to go for rehab?

Which where and why?

Now that you’ve decided to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is to look into the most suitable rehabs that can equip you with the right tools for long-term sobriety.

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City or countryside?

The type of location is often a personal choice.

Some people find being in the countryside more relaxing, others want to remain in a town or city. It is important to remember that you only really leave the facilities during a stay in residential rehab to go to an AA or NA meeting. Recreational outings such as they are, often only occur at the weekend and are accompanied. There is no sightseeing!

With many rehabs across the UK to consider, you will find that they differ considerably in regards to their living environments, therapies offered and the type of addictions treated.  Most are not medically managed and many also do not offer detox.

Countryside rehab advantages

Castle Craig Hospital is a unique rehab facility as we can provide people with the chance to escape from the environmental factors that can result in relapse, for example, being close to shops selling alcohol.  People come to Castle Craig from all over the world.

We believe that success in early recovery depends on a complete immersion away from outside noise and distractions.

A 50-acre countryside retreat offers peace and quiet where people can enjoy the benefits of immersion in their therapy while making new friends, learning about addiction and meeting inspirational therapists.

Countryside rehab advantages

City rehab advantages:

Many facilities are located in or near cities.  Being in a city can offer temptation and can add to the stress of early recovery simply by being loud and busy.

However, the countryside is not for everyone, and a city rehab can lessen the shock of re-entry to an urban lifestyle, for some people.

Location, location, location

Whilst countryside or city is a choice, the geographic location of the rehab needs some thought as it could influence the outcome of the patient’s treatment.

  • One argument is that no one goes locally when they want a break from things, a retreat from their daily life, (e.g. on holiday).

Near or far

The location of your drug or alcohol treatment can either throw up benefits or disadvantages, depending on where you choose to go.

Let’s explore…

Deciding to travel further from home

With various rehab facilities across the UK, the first idea for many people is to find a rehab that is close to their home.

Unlike Castle Craig, most rehabs do not offer family accommodation, so finding something closer to home is often a reassurance and an understandable first thought.

“Recent research and our own findings have shown how beneficial it can be for someone to travel out of their local area to seek treatment within the UK. “

The choice to travel reinforces the mindset of recovery. Deciding to leave your local area means you can gain access to other rehab centres, which will allow you to not settle for just local and rather be more selective when choosing the best treatment programme for your addiction needs.

“Being away from home then gives you a sense of a new beginning and new hope”

Benefits of travelling for rehab:

  • Removed easy access to drug dealers
  • Gives the family space they need to heal from drug and alcohol addiction
  • Travelling for rehab can put you on the best journey towards recovery
  • It allows you to truly make a fresh start, somewhere new
  • You get to put distance between yourself and your triggers to relapse.
  • Helps to reduce desire as local temptations such as your favourite pub, pharmacies, betting shops, or a dealer, are out of reach
  • Physical separation from some relationships may encourage sobriety
  • Access to a wider choice of perhaps better, more unique therapies and treatments
  • Admission to many rehabs is voluntary – Distance from home makes it more difficult to leave treatment when the going gets difficult and negative attitudes arise.
  • Avoids the impact of addiction treatment on your social and professional life.
  • Increased privacy, as probably no one knows you outside of your home area
  • Removes you from bad influences and old connections.
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone
  • Can save money and widen choices by having more facilities to choose from

The limitations of travelling for rehab

With any situation, there are upsides and downsides. For some, the knowledge that they will be away from friends and family can deter them from travelling.

Cons include:

  • Loved ones who might have an active role initially may find it difficult to travel themselves. Here at Castle Craig, we have thought about this and understand the importance of family and friends in your recovery, that’s why we have visitor and family accommodation on our grounds
  • Sometimes it can be challenging for the rehab to set up effective aftercare in your home town. Again, Castle Craig has done everything we can to overcome this. We make sure to continue to check in with you when you leave and can even organise regular online sessions to ensure you remain on track
  • It can be more expensive to choose rehabs out of your local area, however, you should remember that rehabs are often based on the quality of their treatments, the medical staff they employ and the location at which they are based

Going to a local rehab

Some believe that opting to go to a local rehab will be a cheaper, easier solution rather than seeking out- of-the-area help.

Whilst this might suit a few, choosing rehabs based on cost and saving money can be counter-productive.

In our 30 years of experience, the people whom we treat at our facility have often already been to a lower cost, non-medical rehab and experienced local treatment facilities which have proved unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, without medically managed detoxes and without psychiatric input, it is harder to get to the root of the problem and the outcome of treatment could be adversely affected.

Choosing to attend rehab in another country or region might result in airfare, ferry and hotel costs, which would increase your overall treatment budgets. However, it is worthwhile discussing this with the rehab. For example, here at Castle Craig, we provide free sober taxis from the airport.

The only time when staying local works

Perhaps the best time that staying local works is when you already have a strong and stable support network set up.

The crucial skills and coping mechanisms you would have learned with us here at Castle Craig will stay with you for life.

However, your tendency to addiction will always be there, which means setting up a local support network at home will be crucial to your recovery success. Castle Craig assist with post-rehab support.

The disadvantages of staying local:

  • The temptation to leave treatment and just go home back to a familiar setting before fully completing the programme.
  • Friends and family can often cause a distraction to your sobriety journey.
  • You might find yourself settling for lower quality care – as anyone can claim they are a rehab centre. Medical intervention will be key.
  • Drug dealers and other temptations are closer

Castle Craig has sister hospitals nationally and worldwide – if you would like more information on these, or you would like us to connect you to them, give us a call on 0808 159 6169.

Find treatment now

Based on independent data from individuals who stay at our drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland, we have found that our local, national and international clients all benefit from our treatments and therapies in often miraculous ways.

For us, it’s not how far you go, but finding the right rehab, which can guide you into a lasting recovery through providing the essential respite period.

Here at Castle Craig, the reasons why our rehab is so successful include our expert therapists, psychologists and medical facilities and our grounds, which consist of over 50-acres of green woodland and beautiful views of the hills and valleys.

So, even if you are local to Edinburgh, it feels like you’re away.

We provide therapeutic immersion and the right balance of remoteness to help protect our residents from all the usual temptations of the city and its shops and dealers. We are six miles away from any shop, including off-licenses and betting agents.

We believe that this remoteness from normal daily life gives our residents the best chance at recovery because it removes them temporarily from society’s judgements, family pressures and other distractions.

So whether you decide to travel afar, go local or venture a bit further afield, we would advise that you choose a rehab not just based on location but also on what they can truly offer you. No one size fits all.

Start your recovery with us now.

We provide:

  • Fitness trainers
  • Complementary therapies
  • Access to medical staff daily
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Nutritious meals
  • Free assessments.

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