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We offer 4-12 week alcohol and drug treatment programmes.

Addiction Recovery Serving Shetland & Orkney

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol, drug or behavioural addictions? If you’re looking for help and are located in Shetland & Orkney, read on to find out how you can access private treatment.

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Nestled within the stunning southeastern Scottish Borders, Castle Craig in West Linton is a well-established residential rehab that has helped protect and save tens of thousands of patients over 30 years.

If you live in the Shetland Islands or Orkney, or in areas such as Sandwick or Voe, there may feel like very little in the way of addiction help and support. We have treated several oil workers and other islanders from Kirkwall in the past.

Not only is Castle Craig possibly one of your nearest rehab and addiction support facilities to the Shetland Isles, but we are also one of the best and most established rehabs in the UK.

Travelling to Castle Craig from Shetland & Orkney

Address: Blyth Bridge, West Linton EH46 7DH

For those that are travelling from the Shetland Islands, the best way to reach our facility is by plane, with flights from Sumburgh to Edinburgh taking just 1h 25m. Visitors coming from Orkney can fly from Kirkwall and arrive at Castle Craig in less than two hours.

Castle Craig is only a short drive away from the airport (half an hour or so) and we can arrange transport if you need help doing so. Get in touch.

Rehab near Shetland & Orkney

What To Do: The First Step

All admissions to Castle Craig in Edinburgh begin with a telephone assessment.

Free addiction assessments for Shetland & Orkney locals:

Available by telephone or by Skype, we are here to listen and support people aged 18+ wanting to access our hospital’s addiction services.

  • At a time that’s convenient for you
  • Can be done in the evenings or at weekends
  • A 30-minute consultation with a member of our admission
  • No obligation and completely free of charge
  • Completely confidential

During our telephone assessment, we will begin to explore the underlying causes of your addiction. If you decide to progress with treatment at Castle Craig, this information will serve as the foundation for a psychiatrist to determine correct and suitable treatments.

Call 01721 722 763 to arrange an assessment now.

Discover Castle Craig near Edinburgh

Castle Craig’s remarkable hospital is represented by world-renowned therapists, psychiatrists and addiction specialists, who in their time, have helped many Scots overcome mental health problems and alcohol, drug or behavioural addictions.

We treat a wide range of addictions and associated issues

With the right support, we’re confident that you can break the cycle of addiction.

People near Shetland & Orkney turn to us when…

They choose to make a positive change. People often think that rehab is often the last resort. But for many, it’s the first step to admitting they need help and seeking essential medical services to recover safely and comfortably.

Addiction is an illness and there’s no shame in wanting to get better and live a better life. So, if right now you’re struggling, we understand your pain and what you’re going through.

Alcohol Rehab

Whilst everyone who visits Castle Craig has their own story, we often find that those struggling with alcohol abuse have also experienced feelings of depression, anxiety and trauma.

That’s why we have a carefully selected approach that combines proven and evidence-based therapies with holistic treatments.

These include:

Drug Rehab

With over 30 years of experience in medically managed drug detoxifications, we have helped many patients give up and leave behind addictive drugs that have torn apart their lives.

Drug addictions we treat:

Withdrawal and detoxification

When you enter our rehab clinic, you will be required to complete a full assessment by a psychiatrist, who will prescribe non-harmful drugs to help you weather the storm of withdrawal.

By entering a detoxification programme with us, you can benefit from around-the-clock medical monitoring. Once you safely progress through the withdrawal stage, we will begin with essential therapy programmes that will give you the best chance of maintaining long-term recovery.

Call our 24-hour helpline now on +44 1721 728 118.

Behavioural Addictions Rehab

Those experiencing behavioural addictions often experience a loss of control over their daily lives and habits. When you arrive at this point, your behaviours may also be impacting the lives of those around you.

Get help with:

  • Gaming addiction
  • Gambling addiction

How Do We Know Our Treatments Work?

Our residential addiction treatment programmes work to successfully address alcohol and drug dependency. We have helped over 10,000 people regain control of their lives, with many calling our treatment “life-saving.”

Our life-saving treatments and specialised programmes have seen great success in helping our visitors attain long-lasting sobriety.

“From 250 patients surveyed 73.4% remained totally abstinent from all drugs and alcohol a year after treatment. “

Explaining the cost of rehab in Scotland

The cost of private, in-patient care can vary depending on your provider. This is because it depends on the expertise, accreditations and staff of the alcohol or drug clinic or facility that you choose.

We would like to advise patients to be wary regarding ‘cheap rehabs’. Those offering lower-cost treatments often have little to no medical staff or are classed as care homes rather than rehabs or hospitals.

We would advise always researching the facility, ensuring they have good rating standards through the CQC or the Scottish equivalent; Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

Why Castle Craig? 

  • Crucial 1-1 time with a therapist
  • Opportunity to access treatment immediately
  • Flexible choice around treatment methods
  • Direct access to accredited psychologists, therapists and doctors
  • A medical director who oversees your case

One of the main benefits of choosing Castle Craig is the access to our around-the-clock medical team, comprising of psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and therapists, all of which are accredited by Counselling Psychotherapy Scotland (COSCA).

Speak to our admissions team on +44 1721 728 118.

Guide to addiction and dependency

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that addiction is often linked to mental health problems. We’ve seen time and time again how addiction starts as a coping mechanism to deal with feelings that people struggle to cope with. 

Here at Castle Craig, we are very aware of this and use our addiction treatment programmes to teach valuable and new coping mechanisms that offer an alternative to substance abuse.

Free Support Resources for Addiction and Dependency in Scotland

Those in the Scottish Highlands looking for free support and help can choose to give Castle Craig a call (01721 722 763) or visit the below helplines for further advice.

For individuals experiencing addiction:

For general information about addiction or rehab visit Executive Rehab Guide: UK Rehab Comparison Guide. 

  • 61% of those who attended treatment at Castle Craig were totally abstinent from all drugs or alcohol at follow-up (after 67 weeks).

How Can Castle Craig Help?

How Do I Pay For Rehab?

One concern we sometimes hear from people is how they will fund their rehab treatment. The cost of rehab varies depending on what kind of accommodation you choose. You can pay for treatment at Castle Craig privately, or through medical insurance, and some people receive funding through the NHS.

How Long Is the Rehab Programme?

Residential rehab treatment starts at 4 weeks and can go up to 12+ weeks. Research shows us that the longer you stay in rehab and are part of the residential therapy programme, the longer the likelihood of continued abstinence and stable recovery.

Who Will I Speak to When I Call?

When you call you will reach our Help Centre team who will give you all the information you need to help you decide whether to choose treatment at Castle Craig. Once you have decided that you would like to have a free screening assessment you will be put in touch with our admissions case managers who will guide you through the admissions process.

What Happens at the End of My Treatment?

Castle Craig thoroughly prepares patients before departure by creating a personalised continuing care plan which is formulated following discussions with the medical and therapeutic team. We offer an online continuing care programme which runs for 24 weeks after leaving treatment, in order to ensure a smooth transition back into your everyday life. Patients leaving treatment automatically join our Recovery Club where they can stay connected via our annual reunion, events, online workshops and recovery newsletters.

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