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Choosing a rehab can be extremely difficult – especially if you are already experiencing stress and dealing with the challenging side effects of addiction.

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There are many things to consider before you choose a rehab, including standard of care, costs, reviews, privacy, location and success rates.

If you are based in Perth and looking for private rehab, Castle Craig is a suitable option, located in West Linton, just an 80-minute drive away.

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Why Do So Many Choose Castle Craig?

Castle Craig is a highly esteemed rehab that offers luxurious, comfortable accommodations for people seeking help for alcohol and drug addiction.

The castle is situated in the serene countryside, providing the best possible environment for recovery.

We have an extremely high success rate and also incorporate an exceptional aftercare programme.

Our treatment programme provides:

  • Detox from alcohol and drugs
  • Psychotherapy by accredited and experienced therapists
  • Complementary therapies
  • Gym facilities
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Continuing care programme

Getting the Support You Need

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to get treatment for substance abuse or addiction. Recognising you have a problem is a huge step, and while it might not seem like much, admitting to alcohol, drug or behavioural addiction is not easy.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment near Perth, Castle Craig can help. Our clinic provides a safe and comfortable environment just 69 miles away. Here you can focus on recovery away from potential triggers, familiar surroundings and everyday stressors.

Those who have seen a loved one suffer know that recognising a real problem and taking the path to recovery is harder than it sounds. At Castle Craig, we are committed to helping our patients overcome addiction using a combination of detox and therapy.

Drug Detox

Different drug dependencies require different treatment methods. If you have been using a harmful substance for a while, it is likely your body will have become dependent on it and you will need to go through a detoxification period.

It is best to detox in a private rehab like Castle Craig so that you can receive personal medical care if required. Though many people fear this stage, our clinical team is on hand to ensure your detox is safe and comfortable. We have a dedicated detox unit on-site where patients receive round-the-clock care and detox is managed through medication where necessary.

Our Treatment Model

The 12 Steps is central to our abstinence-based treatment model and we integrate the principles into various aspects of our programme. Patients are introduced to the 12 Steps from the beginning of their treatment through educational lectures, group therapy & reading materials. We also encourage patients to progress through the steps at a comfortable pace.

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, therapists and nurses work together to create a personalised treatment plan for each patient. Each plan is grounded in the evidence-based 12 Step model of addiction and incorporates a range of therapies suited to the needs of each patient.

Rehab for Behavioural Addictions

Though drugs and alcohol are the most commonly talked about addictions, thousands of people suffer from behavioural addictions and feel extremely powerless when it comes to things such as food, sex, shopping, or pornography.

Castle Craig offers treatment for gambling addiction gaming addiction and several other issues. Our team of therapists and consultant psychiatrists are also experienced in treating complex dual diagnoses that may have caused or been exacerbated by addiction.

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Safe Detox in Comfort

Castle Craig has a dedicated detoxification centre and 24/7 supervision by doctors and nurses to ensure the utmost patient safety.

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