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Testimonial Joe Castle Craig Review

To The Staff at Kirkurd

I want to express my appreciation about all of you.                                                   And I really mean all!
Nobody excluded!
All disciplines that are working at Kirkurd. 
I have a lot of respect for you all. 
The way you treat us and me is amazing.
You were always kind,respectful,present,helpful,
And funny humour.  
I never felt that I am less a human thank you all are.
I never felt a patient (like top-down) I never felt I am a 
problem seeker alcoholic
I always felt equal with whoever I was in interaction. 
So,Dear Staff you all made 
My stay in Kirkurd pleasant,safe and comfortable.
You are doing a great job,not only helping us(me)
But also the whole of society. 

Recovery in Lockdown – Words from Niall

“I’m so glad to be sober at this moment in time. Dealing with what is going on is hard enough, without throwing drink into the mix. I’m living with my parents who are in the vulnerability category…being sober allows me to be present and to help them get through this time too. I don’t doubt that alcohol consumed in the levels I drank would affect the immune system. I felt horrendous towards the end of my drinking.

My journey began at Castle Craig and it’s where I first learned to start living “one day at a time”- never has this been more true. Stay safe and thank you for working during this time and still providing the excellent care that you do.”