Frank O’Hare

“I am a specialist therapist delivering Trauma Counselling, Mindfulness sessions and Music Therapy, as well as all the other addiction interventions required at Castle Craig

My first work in a therapeutic community for alcohol/drug issues was in 1990.  I have 18yrs’ experience in the private therapy, life coaching and EAP counselling worlds.  Experience was gained over the years in developing ways to work with depression, trauma, stress, bereavement and anxiety disorders.

I value the educational/healing power that comes from being part of a therapeutic community such as Castle Craig – also peer support is a huge factor here. I am passionate about working in residential communities, it is such a lifting experience.

I studied for an addiction diploma at Leeds University, and am an accredited counsellor, a qualified life coach and a dedicated working musician.

As well as engaging in helping patients to become sober and well I am looking forward to developing music therapy here at Castle Craig.  Music is a fabulous way to get in touch with strong feelings and the playful child in us all.  Music brings people together and promotes good relations and vibrations!”