May Riddell

As a Recovery Advocate here at Castle Craig May says “I find this role very inspiring and rewarding. Part of my job is to help inspire the patients but I cannot help feel inspired by them and the other staff here at times, which reminds me we have always something to learn and it’s true that every day is a school day.

“I see honesty as the highest principle in life, without it we have nothing and so I promote this with the patients here.  I believe for this job I need to share my positivity with the patients as in early recovery they can be quite negative.  I find it easy to talk to others in recovery and at appropriate times I share my own experiences with them.

May supports the therapists and medical staff, getting to know all the patients as best she can, as a visible presence whenever she is on shift.

“I feel my life’s purpose is to help others as I was helped. Working here at Castle Craig makes my heart happy and I have honestly got to say I love my job.”