Ross McLeod

Ross received his formal education at Glasgow Strathclyde University and is certified by NLP, BACP and COSCA. Every piece of knowledge he imparts is backed by professional learning, combined with his own personal journey. He has previously worked in a residential rehab setting in Glasgow working with Addiction, Trauma & Behavioural Issues.

His approach is simple – it’s all about the person across from him. It’s their journey, pain, and triumph, and Ross is there to walk beside them, every step of the way. His additional interests are in behavioural addictions including social media and gambling alongside mindfulness, the mind-body connection and nurturing simple, healthy practices in every individual he works with.

Ross’s journey from a patient at Castle Craig to becoming a therapist is as personal as it is profound. A Glasgow native, Ross faced his battles with addiction and it was during these testing times, within the walls of Castle Craig, that a new path unfolded before him. He’s not just a therapist because he studied it, but because he’s lived through the trials, the pain, and the triumphant joy of recovery.

He has found solace and strength in physical activity. For him, the gym, the golf course, and the tennis court are sanctuaries where body and soul unite, fostering healing and growth. It’s not just about the physical exertion, but the emotional release, the camaraderie, and the quiet moments of reflection.