Honorary Chair for Prof Jonathan Chick

On the 11th of January, Castle Craig’s Medical Director, Professor Jonathan Chick accepted a further honorary chair at Edinburgh Napier University.

He gave his inaugural lecture, reflecting on 40 years in alcohol research and treatment. The Dean of Health Sciences introduced the lecture with a statement referring to Castle Craig as an example of excellence from which all healthcare workers could learn.

Prof. Chick explained how the views of addiction of different medical professionals involved in an addict’s care shape the help available to them.

There is an overwhelming trend to prescribe antidepressants or sedatives to people suffering from an addiction problem. Prof. Chick’s lecture aimed to describe a more beneficial treatment approach and demonstrate how successful addiction recovery involves attending to the illness by closely examining the causes and effects of each patient’s pathway into addiction, instead of just treating the symptoms through medication.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Napier University said: “Professor Chick’s lecture was interesting, informative and well-received, and we look forward to his continued association with the university.” The lecture was followed by a gripping Q&A and a reception.

Professor Jonathan Chick – Short Bio

Professor Jonathan Chick joined Castle Craig Hospital in 2014 as the new medical director. He is an eminent consultant psychiatrist with a distinguished career in the National Health Service. He is currently the chief editor of Alcohol and Alcoholism, which is the official journal of the Medical Council on Alcohol. Professor Chick is also an elected member of the scientific council of the French organisation Société Française d’Alcoologie and is a member of the board of trustees of the General Services Office of Alcoholics Anonymous in the UK.

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