Videos about Castle Craig

Our videos provide an immersive experience that showcases our facilities, compassionate staff, and evidence-based treatment programmes.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, our videos are an excellent starting point to learn more about Castle Craig and the transformational experience that many experience while here.

Inspirational Stories from our Patients and Alumni

Lynda shares her inspiring journey from the depths of addiction to recovery. Listen to her powerful story as she reflects on past struggles and how rehab transformed her life.

Peter shares his journey of overcoming alcoholism and how Castle Craig helped him reclaim his life. Watch to hear more about his transformation and how his life has changed since finding recovery.

Steven speaks about his journey from addiction to heroin and methadone, going through drug detox at Castle Craig and the residential rehab therapy at Castle Craig. Thanks to his hard work and focus on the programme he has turned his life around.

Simon describes his experiences of functioning alcoholism, where he continued to work and maintain his everyday activities while suffering from alcoholism. He describes the benefits of abstinence on his efficiency, performance and happiness.

Charlene talks about her journey from addiction to drugs and alcohol to recovery, hope and happiness. “I feel absolutely free!”

Louise who runs a successful business in Scotland, tells the story of how it took her husband, father and brother to get her in a car and drive her to Castle Craig.

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Videos on Addiction Treatment from Castle Craig

What is CBT and how does it work alongside the 12 Steps?

Gambling Addiction Presentation

Tony Marini, Senior Specialist Therapist at Castle Craig talks about treatment for gambling addiction at the iCAAD international conference in Sweden (video in English). 

Equine Therapy

Recovery from Addiction is Possible

Glynis Read, the former Treatment Coordinator at Castle Craig, talks about emotional development and the “deep sense of peace” that people in recovery experience.

Women & Addiction

Audrey Grant, a former therapist at Castle Craig describes the clinic’s therapeutic work with women.

Families are the Victims of Addiction

Gordon Hogg, Therapist at Castle Craig, describes how addiction can “destroy families.”

Why Do People Go Into Rehab?

Phil Grant, an addiction therapist at Smarmore Castle, describes some of the reasons why people come into residential addiction treatment.

Transformation After Treatment

Maryam Ghaffari, a former therapist at Castle Craig, describes the transformation that can follow successful addiction treatment.

Dr M.A. McCann, Castle Craig Co-Chairman and Co-found

Jonathan Chick, Consultant Psychiatrist

Professor Jonathan Chick joined Castle Craig Hospital in 2014 as medical director. He retired in 2024.

The Role of an Addictions Psychiatrist

Dr Kelly is a distinguished consultant psychiatrist with a background in the NHS of general and forensic psychiatry and the psychiatry of learning disabilities. Her specialist interests include psychotherapy and family therapy.

Trauma & PTSD

Linda Hill, a trauma consultant, gives a compelling overview of brain trauma and how it can be treated.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig is Britain’s first addiction treatment clinic to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to all patients. This video gives a short introduction.