Recovery Days – A Book With Daily Thoughts for Living in Recovery

Recovery Days Book Cover
Recovery Days is not just another book — it's a compass, guiding you one day at a time through the maze of recovery with empowerment and understanding.

The Importance of Daily Reflections in Recovery

In the challenging journey of recovery, taking a moment each day to think mindfully about our feelings, emotions and actions can keep us grounded and prevent us from losing our way. With Recovery Days by your side, each day brings a new opportunity for reflection, enlightenment and growth.

There are countless books on sobriety, but Recovery Days is different. Imagine combining the wisdom of a seasoned therapist, the empathy of a close friend, and the insight of a mentor, all packed into one book.

Who is the Book For?

Whether you’re just starting your sobriety journey, years into it, or supporting a loved one, this book can be of great help for sustained recovery from addiction.

It’s tailored for everyone who seeks to understand, grow, and thrive in their sober lives.

How Recovery Days Can Help You

  • Daily Motivation: Every page is a source of inspiration.
  • Practical Advice: Tips and strategies to conquer daily challenges.
  • Deeper Connection: Engage with personal stories and insights that resonate.

In a world full of quick fixes and fleeting motivations, Recovery Days: Daily Thoughts on Living Sober stands as a steadfast pillar of hope, guidance, and strength. Ready to take the journey? Grab your copy today and embrace the beauty of sober living.

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Is the book suitable for those not in recovery but wanting to understand it better?

Absolutely! It provides insights that can help anyone understand the intricacies of recovery.

How many pages does the book have?

The book has over 365 pages, offering a reflection for each day of the year.

Can this be gifted?

Of course, it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone, irrespective of their stage in the recovery journey.

Is there a digital version available?

Yes, both the hardcover edition and the ebook are available for purchase on Amazon.

Can I return the book if it’s not suitable?

Yes, standard Amazon return policies apply. Check the listing for more details.

Testimonials & Reviews

“Right from the get-go, the author exhibits an intimate understanding of the emotional intricacies tied to addiction. Rather than presenting the recovery process as a one-size-fits-all formula, the narrative respects the individuality of every reader’s journey. The blend of personal anecdotes, coupled with research-backed techniques, lends the content both heart and credibility.”Wagdy

“For people who are familiar with classic daily reflections books, like 24 Hours, and AA’s book of Daily Reflections, this offering from Chris is a welcome new addition to the genre. The author is not just knowledgeable and passionate about recovery, but also draws on the influence of poetry, philosophy, religion, literature, art and music to provide a unique daily reflection for the reader.”Mr. D. S. J. Mac