Castle Craig Foundation

Supporting Worthy Causes

We support and engage with the voluntary sector through a number of initiatives.

The Castle Craig Foundation is a project which is being established to provide a structure and focus for our organisational desire to give as well as a means for engaging with the voluntary sector, it also provides an opportunity to share and apply expertise to tackle challenging social issues. This charity will exist to further charitable purposes for the public benefit and not the purposes of the company. The Castle Craig Foundation is not a registered charity.

Addiction Initiatives

Initiatives related to Castle Craig’s principal mission of treating the disease of addiction:

  • After-care services provided free of charge in Glasgow, Lanark, Edinburgh (1988 – ongoing)
  • Founded and funds the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Trust, a non-profit organisation (2008)
  • Research into hyperbaric oxygen therapy (2008 – ongoing)
  • Sponsorship of Daily Dose and Wired In (2000 – ongoing)
  • Provision and distribution of free information leaflets on abstinence to addiction services in the UK (2010)
  • Sponsoring the establishment of Narcotics Anonymous in Romania (2007, 2008)
  • Sponsorship of the Sick Doctors Trust (1998 – 2005)
  • Training provided for a charity-run treatment centre in Malta (2001)
  • Low Moss prison project (1999).

Community Initiatives

Support for community development projects and for those who are disadvantaged either through age, ill health, disability or natural and man-made disasters – both in the UK and abroad:

  1. Hosting of annual barbeque and Outing for the Disabled, run by the Order of Malta (2000 – 2010)
  2. Sponsorship of Community Aid Network, a Romanian charity (2004 – 2010)
  3. Organisation and sponsorship of mailing to raise funds for a major international relief agency’s response to the Haiti Earthquake (2010)
  4. Sponsorship of tents for families following flooding in Dorohoi, Romania (2010)
  5. Sponsorship of the ‘Malta Camp’ in Wales for disabled youth (2010)
  6. Organisation and sponsorship of mailing to raise funds for a major international relief agency’s response to the Asian Tsunami (2004)
  7. Sponsorship of emergency medicines for a state orphanage in Romania (2004).

Easterhouse East End United 2015’s Youth Football Team

Castle Craig sponsors football kits for this youth football team based in Easterhouse Glasgow. Easterhouse East End Football Academy is a community sports, football and community club. Set within the G34 area of Glasgow, they operate in one of the most disadvantaged communities in Scotland (Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation SIMD).

The club looks to promote better mental and physical health of the players as well as becoming positive role models, helping address the social issues relevant to them and the local area. Through their sport and community programmes, they aim to break down the religious, racial, anti-social and socio-economic issues that have often plagued the area for generations.

Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR)


FAVOR is a non-profit organisation that advocates and campaigns for access to addiction treatment and an end to addiction stigma. Castle Craig has a long-standing relationship with Anne Marie Ward at FAVOR, offering support in their publicity.

The Medical Council on Alcohol

Castle Craig is a regular sponsor of the annual symposium for the MCA at the Royal College of Physicians

DB Resources – UKESAD

Castle Craig is a sponsor of UKESAD, the annual DB Recovery Resources conference in London run by Deirdre Boyd MBE. This non-profit event seeks to inform and guide professionals in the addiction recovery field around the world.

Mission Christmas

For three years Castle Craig staff have contributed to this Christmas charity appeal.

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