4 Ways To Be Your Best Self In Recovery

Addiction brings out the worst in us. Recovery is the journey of discovering the best of ourselves.


  1. Clearly define who you want to be in recovery: Recovery is seen by many as a second chance at life. Those who are in treatment actively seeking to create a lifestyle of recovery are creating a renewed search for meaning and purpose in their life. Each day they are redefining who they are and creating a vision for who they want to be. Recovery is your opportunity to live your dreams and accomplish what you didn’t think you could when you were chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Every day you are accomplishing what was once the impossible- another day clean and sober.

  2. Find others who inspire you: Twelve step programs encourage developing a relationship with a sponsor who has an ample amount of time in recovery. Typically, a sponsor has completed the twelve steps, qualifying them to take another individual through the twelve step process. Sponsors, mentors, and others who you look up to in recovery have what you want out of their recovery. They are peaceful, serene, and do not seem to have any attachment to drugs and alcohol anymore. You are willing to learn from them, mirror their behaviors, and listen to their guidance. More importantly, you are willing to take their suggestions and abide by their rules. Their way of life has brought them great success in their sobriety and beyond.

  3. Practice prayer, mindfulness, and meditation: Spiritual and scientific in nature, the acts of prayer, meditation, and mindfulness play a transformational role in your recovery. Prayer and meditation are suggested as part of the twelve step program in an effort to cultivate a meaningful relationship with a higher power of your understanding. Meditation, in addition to mindfulness, are scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve wellness, helping you be your best self. Becoming grounded, centered, calm, compassionate, and aware, you practice non-judgment toward yourself and others with ease.

  4. Live in gratitude: Living in resentment does not bring out our best self. In recovery, it is believed that resentments are toxic, the kind of toxic that could be fatal to an addict or an alcoholic. Holding onto resentments is like drinking a poison meant for someone else. Rather than punish others, you punish yourself. Choosing to live in gratitude shifts your perspective of even the negative experiences in life. You see the journey of your life as a whole, on a continuum of ups and downs. Rather than be held back by beliefs, you are open to the flow of life, free to be the best version of yourself in recovery.


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