What Happens After Residential Inpatient Treatment

Rehab will prepare you for the moment when it is time to leave as well as help you make you own decisions going forward.

Rehab teaches patients to be in charge of their own decisions. Rehab is a controlled and safe environment where they will learn skills about being on their own and remaining abstinent. Patients will be educated on identifying the warning signs of relapse and what to do. They will be taught strategies on how to react to cravings or cues that trigger drugs or alcohol. Patients will also work on exercises to help build confidence to make long-term recovery possible and to overcome obstacles by yourself or with friends, family and a professional.

After detoxification and inpatient rehab, the patient will be able to return to work, friends, family, and the hobbies they used to enjoy doing. The risks in returning home is being around triggers that can lead to a relapse. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help recovering addicts understand any underlying issues and to better address their addiction. The patient will have regular checkups with their mental professional to make sure their progress is going well and that they are staying on the right path. There are also 12 Step meetings to go to as well as other support groups to attend to be around those dealing with the same issues as you and who will know how to help you.

 There are plenty of sober activities that can be fun to do with yourself or a group of people like taking a class, going to the movies, playing sports, volunteering, playing video games, dance lessons, or even learning to play an instrument. You can use the money you saved from not buying drugs or alcohol for other activities and events like a sports game or a West End show. In order to avoid boredom, you can create structure in your life like regularly attending support groups, going to bed at a regular time, and making the time for hobbies to look forward to.

Castle Craig is one of the most established and respected addiction rehab centers in the UK. Castle Craig treats alcoholism and drug addiction as an illness and promote abstinence as essential for long-lasting recovery. We help patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines medical treatment, 12 Step therapy, CBT and other psychiatric therapies and complementary therapies. For information, call our 24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0808 256 3732. From outside the UK please call: +44 808 271 7500 (normal charges apply).

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