Brought Up By Booze: A Documentary on Alcoholism’s Effect on Children

Adults do not seem to realize the effects that alcoholism has on their children. According to NHS, 20% of children are brought up by mothers who drink up to eighteen glasses of wine a week while fathers drink up to 25 pints. 3.7 million children are affected by their parents who drink. This is a documentary that explains all about the effects alcoholism has on children when they grow up.

Footballer George Best died from complications due to his alcoholism in 2005. Four years after his father’s death, his son Calum decided to travel around the UK to speak to children and adults who grew up with alcoholic parents. We learn about different organizations that help children with alcoholic parents like NACOA, ALATEEN, IMPACT, BASECAMP, and CLOUDS HOUSE. A lot of children who grew up with alcoholic parents ended up working to help other children deal with the same issues as well.

Calum talked to a woman who worked at ALATEEN who talked about how children could be embarrassed and scared to speak to someone about their alcoholic parent. The whole world knew about George Best’s alcoholism since he was a famous footballer. A little girl told Calum how her father embarrassed her by not seeing her perform in the school play and cheerly drunkenly in front of everyone. We see a soon-to-be bride shopping for her wedding dress but disappointed that her mother was not going to the wedding since she was still a chronic alcoholic. A teenage boy told Calum that on his fifteenth birthday, him and his alcoholic mother were evicted from their flat and his mother almost died from her alcoholism, feeling helpless the whole time. We heard from a mother who was a recovering alcoholic for the past six years after many incidences of having her son being taken away.

Calum was also able to tell his story about how his mother raised him and his dad was not a part of his life growing up. He talks about how his father dropped him once when he was a baby and how his dad had a violent outburst at him. He would always find his dad at a particular pub. We finally see Calum have an emotional moment as we wonders why his father liked drinking more than him. Calum telling his story will inspire other children of alcoholic parents to do the same.

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