Awakening Your Spiritual Side

Awakening Your Spiritual Side

Those who are in recovery are measured by the small victories they make everyday. Recovery is more than making sure you are healthy physically and mentally but also spiritually. Joining recovery groups can teach you about finding something deeper within yourself. There are many signs to be able to tell that you have had a spiritual awakening and that your life will change going forward with a different mindset.

On the path to sobriety, it is possible to feel emotions that you have not felt in a long time. You can have sudden shifts of extreme joy to then switching to sadness. This means that your inner self is trying to achieve harmony and balance. These emotions should not be fought or ignored but to allow them to run their course. Eventually, your emotions will calm down and you will be able to feel good again with using abusive substances to feel that way.

Sleeping patterns tend to change after coming to terms with your emotions. A recurring sleeping pattern is called a triad sleeping pattern. You can wake up after sleeping for two or three hours and then fall back asleep but then wake up again after two or three hours and then repeat the process a third time before waking up. Once you are in a regular routine where you are sober, you will be able to sleep through the night and fall asleep without any difficulty.

You will also be able to achieve humility in which you can learn about yourself and others around you. You can become mindful of how other people feel and be able to help them out when they need it without being narcissistic or boastful. Your ego does not come into place anymore and you can feel the need to be helpful instead of only thinking about yourself.

Another ability you will be able to gain is not having the need to act out or take a next hit or drink as an outlet for how you feel. Your increase in spiritual willpower will be much stronger as well as using better judgment in making healthier, positive choices. The high you get from abusive substances will only bring a temporary high and will not make you happy in the long run. The next time you feel the need to use drugs or drink alcohol, you can pause first and think about it.

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