Castle Craig Launches Spring Water

Castle Craig is launching its own brand of bottled spring water with the motto “the only drink your body needs”. 

It is an apt initiative for a treatment centre that has helped over 8,000 addicts to lead a drink and drug-free life. 

“Part of dealing with an addiction to alcohol is learning to re-assess the way we drink and the reasons we drink,” said Dr Margaret Ann McCann, Castle Craig’s medical director.  “Although we use the same vocabulary to describe the drinking of water and the drinking of alcoholic drinks, these are still very different processes.  Water is more like the antidote to alcohol – alcohol dehydrates whereas water re-hydrates.”

“Drinking is first and foremost about quenching our thirst, and at the times when we really need a drink it’s water that we reach for,” she added.

The water is sourced from springs that flow through the Castle Craig estate in the beautiful countryside of the Borders.  The pure water originates in the nearby Broughton Heights, which are the hills that inspired John Buchan’s novel The 39 Steps.

The water is triple filtered and cooled before being bottled as either still or carbonated water.

“Our bottled water meets European bottled water standards,” said Castle Craig’s chairman Peter McCann.  “The water itself is free for everyone, but the handsome and re-sealable glass bottles will be available for purchase.  The hope is that these bottles will be brought back into people’s homes where they can serve as a reminder of the message of recovery from addiction.”

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