Celebrations and Mental Health

Valentine’s day is here and the holiday comes with a grim connotation

If you are not wildly, madly in love during the month of February, you are essentially doomed to devastating loneliness.

First, make a list of everything about Valentine’s day that could be triggering. Not in a relationship? Lacking in friends after getting sober? Such a holiday can force you to feel like you are missing out and “apart from”. Recovery, however, has given you a different life.

Next, make a list of everything you are grateful for. Quickly you will realize that you are not apart from, but “a part of“. Realize that love does not fit into just one day of the year. Recovery has given you a new sense of love and relationship with yourself as well as with others. Choose what you want to celebrate in your life instead of focusing on what the world tells you that you should be celebrating.

Alcohol is not the answer to reducing stress or uncomfortable feelings during celebrations like Valentine’s Day. In order to be in good shape and have enough energy to last you through the holiday, eat a good balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and omega 3 sources.

Physical activity will release feel-good endorphins to feel happy and relaxed so you can try cycling to work or walking in the park. There are also winter sports to do like ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, etc. Regular exercise will also boost your immune system to fight off the cold and flu viruses during the winter months.

Having a good face-to-face communication will produce the hormone oxytocin which will benefit your immune system, cognitive function, and health. Get together with friends and see a movie or go to a cooking class together. You can also volunteer for a charity or local community organization to provide support and encouragement for those in need. Any of these tips will give you the stress-free holiday you deserve.

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