How to Deal with Addiction in the Workplace

Addiction in the workplace is a big problem for many companies but it is often treated as a taboo subject. We recently produced some short videos with Dr Mike McCann, an occupational health physician and a member of Castle Craig’s board of directors.

“Alcohol and drug problems can be the worst problems a manager ever has to face” says Dr McCann in a recent interview for HRzone.

“I don’t believe the problem is getting worse but there are ‘cultures’ in certain companies where alcohol and drug abuse are tolerated. Peer group pressure is a significant problem. The question is what impact is it having on the performance of the company? Only if management see it as a significant problem will they take action.”

“For it to work effectively companies need to start with a consultation process that involves all interested parties, particularly the unions and supervisors — all of whom will need to be educated about addiction. The company should ensure that addiction treatment is available, including a post rehabilitation programme where people can return to work.”

If you want to find out more about the issues raised about addiction at work and how they can be dealt with, you can watch the following short videos with Mike McCann:

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