Kit Harington Enters Rehab

Best known for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, actor Kit Harington made the headlines after checking into rehab recently.

He arrived at Prive Swiss, a luxury wellness centre in Connecticut, at the end of May. Harington is original statement mentioned he was there due to stress and exhaustion, it is now known that he is dealing with alcohol issues as well.

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Despite having plenty of support from friends, family, and fans, Kit Harington has encountered a lot of negativity as well.

His situation sheds light on the challenges people with addiction still face today, particularly due to the presence of negative stigma and stereotypes.

The latest updates claim he is currently doing very well. Hopefully, his rising stardom will not only enlighten people about drug and alcohol abuse issues, but also motivate those who need help to ask for it.

Who Is Kit Harington?

Born as Christopher Catesby Harington in Acton, an area of western London, Kit Harington began his acting career while attending the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. One of his first major projects was War Horse, a 2008 West End production at the National Theatre.

Soon after, the 32-year-old actor landed a major role on Game of Thrones, which ran from 2011-2019 and gave him international recognition. He has also worked on other projects such as Silent Hill, How to Train Your Dragon, Pompeii, and Doctor Faustus. Since his debut, he has won and been nominated for many awards.

In 2012, he began a relationship with Rose Leslie, one of these Game of Thrones co-stars. They were married in 2018, and she has been a major source of support for him.

Did Kit Harington have a history of alcohol abuse?

Although Harington didn’t immediately admit to alcohol abuse as one of the primary reasons for his trip to rehab, there have been clear warning signs. Twice, he was spotted in a fairly intoxicated state “once at a bar in New York and once in Paris. It was said that he was even thrown out of a venue for misbehaving.

It wasn’t long after these incidents that people started to suspect he had a serious problem with alcohol.

The Stress of Stardom

Being the star of one of the top shows in TV history sounds like a blessing, but it also comes at a certain price. Kit Harington is not the only celebrity who has been overwhelmed by all the things that come with fame.

When Harington first started getting the media’s attention he said the situation was intense, especially since he’s always considered himself somewhat shy and awkward. He confessed, “I felt I had to feel that I was the most fortunate person in the world when actually, I felt very vulnerable”.

It was when Harington got recognition from Game of Thrones that he had started therapy. He was reportedly concerned about this future and how things would go from here. He also found the time during filming full of “ups and downs”. However, it was the last season that really hit him hard.

Why Rehab?

It’s not just the stress of being a celebrity. Many stars who have worked on a long-term project find themselves lost after they finish. And with Game of Thrones, running for eight seasons, it almost felt for many of the cast members like losing their family and losing part of themselves. Ultimately, they’re left to wonder what’s next?

Kit Harington is not the only actor to have been through this, and need help or sought rehab. Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, faced a similar situation after finishing the franchise.

When you play a character for a long time, as an actor you integrate that character into your identity. So when it’s all over, you feel like something’s been taken away from you. That was something that made an impact on Kit Harington. He recalled the last time his costume was taken off, as if he was being stripped of a part of himself.

According to various reports, Kit seemed very distressed during the last days of shooting and was even hyperventilating at times. It is said that he had a breakdown while filming the final scenes.

The Importance of Strength and Support

In the case of any mental health issues, addiction or otherwise, support is very important. Fortunately, many of his friends, co-stars, and fans have been doing a great job. Some fans have even begun crowdsourcing for Mencap, a UK charity for learning disabilities that Kit Harrington supports.

At the same time, he has received quite a few negative comments. There have even been some who have belittled his situation, a common problem for those seeking mental health treatment. This stigma causes many people to hesitate to reach out for help when they realise they have a problem.

His wife, Rose, also seems to have faced her share of backlash. People have criticised her for living her life despite the troubles her husband is facing. This, too, shows the lack of awareness about how hard mental issues and addiction affect loved ones. It can be just as difficult for them as it is for the person in question.

Kit Harington’s Journey

The good news is that Kit Harington seems to have understood the situation at the beginning, as he had quit drinking a few weeks before checking into rehab. At the moment, he has been at Privé Swiss for nearly a month. Most alcohol treatment programmes last at least 4-6 weeks, but it is unclear how long he will be there.

The luxury rehab he is attending comes with a hefty price-tag “approximately £100,000 a month. In addition to cognitive behavioural therapy, which is often the standard for addiction treatment, the clinic offers a number of complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and more.

Given that he has been in treatment for a decent period, hopefully, there will be more updates from him or his family soon. Until then, it appears that he is handling the situation well and getting better.

Finding Help for Alcohol Abuse

Celebrity or not, alcohol and drugs can affect anybody’s life. While addiction is a chronic mental illness, it is possible to get help and to lead a normal, happy life by keeping it in remission. If you feel that you or someone you care about is developing a problem, you should address it as soon as possible.

Castle Craig Hospital has helped thousands of patients since we have opened our doors.

Castle Craig offers a personalised treatment plan for all patients. This includes a medically supervised detox, individual and group therapy, and a variety of complementary therapies. We also provide assistance to loved ones who have to face the consequences of addiction indirectly.

When someone starts abusing alcohol or drugs, it is likely to be due to underlying issues. Hence, it is important that those are treated alongside substance abuse. Prior to entering rehab, Kit Harington appears to have been overwhelmed by stress and depression. This could have easily led him to a dark path, had he not received help in time. Hopefully, his story will bring awareness to the seriousness of drug and alcohol abuse, and inspire others to seek assistance.

If you feel that you or someone you know is drinking excessively, using drugs, or facing another addiction such as gambling, it is best to reach out for help as soon as possible. Castle Craig admissions team is happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you in taking your next steps. 

Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 01721 728118 if you wish to discuss the possibility of coming into rehab.

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