Mental Health TED Talks to Watch Part 3

TED Talks can really inspire you to take action on issues that people tend to stay silent about

There are many misconceptions about mental illnesses being a sign of weakness and something that we should be ashamed to have. These three TED Talks will teach listeners to inspire people with your gifts and to raise awareness towards mental health.

Entrepreneur Sangu Delle’s “There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health” is about how underrepresented mental health is in Africa. In a country of 200 million people, there are only 200 psychiatrists. People in Africa would think that mental health disorders are a result of witchcraft and spiritual possession. If someone had cancer or malaria, they would be immediately rushed to the hospital. Mental health is a serious problem and is not being taken seriously. Delle concludes with encouraging us to never be afraid to talk to someone if they are having mental health problems and to not picture someone with mental problems as a madman but in each one of us.

Violinist Robert Gupta’s “Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity” speaks about Nathaniel Anthony Ayers who was a Juilliard-trained musician whose career was cut short when he developed schizophrenia. This forced him to drop out of Juilliard and thirty years later, he became homeless. He refused treating his schizophrenia because they would use shock therapy, Thorazine, and handcuffs on him in the past. When he plays music, it is all of the medicine he needs as he can unleash his passion and creativity into his craft. Music was all of the medicine he needed and allows him to feel sane when he performs.

Multimedia producer Nikki Webber Allen’s “Don’t Suffer From Your Depression in Silence” is how she was in denial with her anxiety and depression because she had a Master’s degree in Media Studies, had a lot of great opportunities in her field, and won awards. She felt like telling people what she was diagnosed with was a sign of weakness. Then her 22 year-old nephew committed suicide and could not believe it because she could not see the signs. That is when she realized that having feelings is not a sign of weakness but is how we are human. Allen concluded her speech saying that she refuses to be silent and must tell her story of her disorder and getting treatment for it to inspire others.

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