Professions with the Highest Risks of Substance Abuse

High pressure jobs can take a toll on its workers. Police officers, doctors, factory workers, lawyers and many other careers deal with the lives of their clients. In order to deal with their anxiety or depression, they take to substance abuse. It is important for workers to get treatment for the addiction so they do not put their workers or clients at risk.

Health care professionals such as nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, and pharmacists are able to get easy access to prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, and many other drugs that are used for anesthesia. Because of the stress that comes from saving lives, many in this profession tend to take to substance abuse to self-medicate their stress. The National Institutes of Health says 10-15% of healthcare professionals will abuse or misuse drugs at some point in their careers.

Emergency room doctors and psychiatrists are most at risk, anesthesiologists have high risks of opioid abuse, and pediatricians and surgeons have the lowest rates. Many are afraid to admit they have a substance abuse problem in fear of losing their job, license, and source of income. They need to admit they have a problem in case they show up to work under the influence and make a costly mistake towards their patient. In order to help themselves and those around them, health care professionals need to go to peer assistance programs to help them recover from addiction and return to their practice safely.

Construction, food service, machine operators, and industrial workers are also at risk of developing addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 16.5% of construction workers and 17.5% of miners drink heavily. Workers in this profession turn to substance abuse from work related injuries where they get opioids for pain occur as well as the stress of job instability such as the weather and the economy. There are employee assistance or return-to-work programs that offer detox and residential rehabs, family or marriage counseling, 12 Step programs, medication management, and ongoing therapy.

According to the Legal Profession Assistance Conference says that 15-24% of lawyers going through addiction. Lawyers work long hours, heavy workloads, and the pressure to win a case can lead to substance abuse. Lawyers also deal with the trauma of having to learn about a client’s traumatic history. Rehab facilities are available to help give attorneys the support they need to return back to work.

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