Recovery is a Learning Process

Psychologies in the UK cites “positive psychology expert” Vanessa King who explains that learning something new is “…actually a core need for psychological well being. Learning can help us build confidence and a sense of self-efficacy. It can also be a way of connecting with others too.” King explains that humans “…have a natural desire to learn and progress.”

Learning and progression are key to the treatment process. Recovery focuses on progress, rather than perfection, and takes the philosophy that life is an ongoing learning lesson. For addicts and alcoholics especially, it is the most wise to consistently take the humble approach to life, practicing and embracing humility in order to remain teachable. When one is consistently in a space of being teachable, they are open to learning. Recovery is a learning process. Too often, addicts and alcoholics in recovery will fall into a false state of ego and think they’ve “got it” when it comes to their disease of addiction. Full of manipulations, tricks and schemes, these individual get bested, and often relapse. Those who remain humble in the face of their addiction consistently learn from it rather than try to be better than it. There is a harmony and balance that comes from learning to live in recovery.

Self-esteem and self-efficacy also result. The article explains, “There is evidence to suggest that adult learning seems to have its most positive impact on self-esteem and self-efficacy when the learning provided meets the needs of the learner, and when the learner is at a stage in their life when they are ready and receptive to benefit from it.” Those who seek treatment from drug and alcohol addiction are in need of recovery. Approaching treatment and recovery as a learning process benefits those who are prepared to be sober. Individuals who are not convinced that they are done using drugs and alcohol or who still intend to use drugs and alcohol are not ready, that is, they will not learn and they will not benefit. Self-esteem comes to those who humbly admit their position in life in regards to their addiction and are both ready as well as willing to be receptive to recovery. These people recover and most often stay recovered as they treat life as a learning lesson, eager to receive.


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